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Correction: Muslims called Christians Infidels.

Christians called Muslims Saracens.

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Saracens or Pagans

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Q: What name did the christians call their Muslim enemies in the middle ages?
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What did the chistians think of the musims in the medieval yimes?

In th Middle Ages, Christians in the Middle East were content to live alongside the mainly Muslim population.

What were castles built for in the middle ages?

Castles in the Middle Ages were used to keep out enemies.

How did the Muslim rulers of Spain during the Middle Ages leave their mark on the country?

How did the Muslim rulers of Spain during the Middle Ages leave their mark on the country?

What two regilions fought in Europe during the middle ages?

In medieval Spain, after the Muslim invasion and conquest, which began in 711, Christians, from the North, fought against Muslims, from the South.

What was the effect of European Christians wanting to recover the the holy land from the Muslim?

After the Crusades the European Christians returned to Europe with many ideas and knowledges from the Middle Eastern Islamic Lands... this began the Renaissance in Europe which took them out of their Dark Ages

What were Muslim's homes like in the middle ages?

The way they are today!

What was the name of the soldier who keeps watch from enemies in the middle ages?

a sentry

What did the christians call the holy wars?

Christians in the middle ages fought holy wars, which were called the crusades.

Which people invaded in the middle ages?

Magyars, Muslim armies, and Vikings

Who did the Christian church declare war on in the medieval period?

in the middle ages were a series of wars that the Christians of Europe launched against the Saracens. Saracens was a term that the Crusaders used to describe a Muslim.

Who are the Rulers of Muslim lands in the middle east and north Africa in the middle ages?

the rulers were called caliphs.

Muslim civilization located?

In the Middle Ages, Muslim civilization was located in Southwest Asia. The world's Muslim population is an estimated 1.6 billion.