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A chambermaid during the medieval times is someone who cleans the castles rooms, including the bathrooms. They live in the castle on the bottom floor. They can either read nor write and learns how to clean from a relative or an other chambermaid if they are nice. a chambermaid back in the medieval times is like a maid today.

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A chamberlain was the head of a household. The word came to be applied primarily to the head of the king's household, a royal steward. This became a post on the privy chamber and was the person who served as spokesman for the king to parliament.

The head of the royal household was very powerful. In some cases, such a person was more powerful than the king. In the Frankish Kingdom, the position was called Mayor of the Palace, the title Charles Martel had when he dethroned the last Merovingian king and took control of the country. Similarly, the stewards of the kings of Scotland rose in power until, through royal marriage, they became the kings themselves.

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Q: What was a chamberlain in the Middle Ages?
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