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Q: What was a day like for a medieval bishop?
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What did Medieval bishop do?

they were the head priest of a city.

Who was the lowest ranked position in the medieval church hierarchy?

A, Bishop

What was a day in medieval queens and kings life like?


How do you make clothing for a medieval bishop?

Nobody knows, that's the secret.

When was William Day - bishop - born?

William Day - bishop - was born in 1529.

When did William Day - bishop - die?

William Day - bishop - died in 1596.

What was a typical day like for glass blower's daughters in medieval times?

average like any other 1600s girl.

What was a carpenters job like?

A medieval carpenter's job was like a every day carpenter. A medieval carpenter in the castle helped to build the whole castle, and a carpenter in the village built the homes of everyone in the village.

What has the author Samuel Bishop written?

Samuel Bishop has written: 'Feriae poeticae' -- subject- s -: English poetry, Medieval and modern Latin poetry, Translations from English, Translations into Latin 'The poetical works of the Rev. Samuel Bishop, A.M'

Why don't people like bishop Jones?

Because they are jealous of his anointing and his education, they are haters of Bishop Noel Jones they do not want to be who they are they want to be like Bishop and preach like him. .

When a bishop does wrong who can correct him?

Anyone can correct a Bishop, a bishop is just like anyone else.

Do you refer to the bishop as your excellency?

No, Your Eminence is a title use to address Cardinals. To address a bishop you just use the word bishop in front of their names like "Bishop Lamberto" or "Bishop Carlos". When writing to them you could add an opening like... "To The Most Reverend Bishop Lamberto"