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# The earliest (though unvalidated) account describing a possible plague epidemic is found in I Samuel 5:6 of the Hebrew Bible . In this account, the Philistines of Ashdod were stricken with a plague for the crime of stealing the Ark of the Covenant from the Children of Israel. # In the second year of the Peloponnesian War (430 B.C.), Thucydides described an epidemic disease which was said to have begun in Ethiopia, passed through Egypt and Libya, then come to the Greek world. In the Plague of Athens, the city lost possibly one third of its population, including Pericles. Modern historians disagree on whether the plague was a critical factor in the loss of the war. # In the first century A.D., Rufus of Ephesus, a Greek anatomist, refers to an outbreak of plague in Libya, Egypt, and Syria. # First Pandemic: Plague of Justinian: The Plague of Justinian in A.D. 541-542 is the first known pandemic on record, and marks the first firmly recorded pattern of Bubonic Plague. This outbreak is thought to have originated in Ethiopia or Egypt. The huge city of Constantinople imported massive amounts of grain, mostly from Egypt, to feed its citizens. The grain ships may have been the source of contagion for the city, with massive public granaries nurturing the rat and flea population. At its peak the plague was killing 10,000 people in Constantinople every day and ultimately destroyed perhaps 40 percent of the city's inhabitants. It went on to destroy up to a quarter of the human population of the eastern Mediterranean # Second Pandemic: Black Death From 1347 to 1351, the Black Death, a massive and deadly pandemic, swept through Asia, Europe and Africa. It may have reduced the world's population from 450 million to between 350 to 375 million. China, where it originated, lost around half of its population (from around 123 million to around 65 million), Europe around 1/3 of its population (from about 75 million to about 50 million) and Africa approximately 1/8th of its population (from around 80 million to 70 million). This makes the Black Death the largest death toll from any known non-viral epidemic # Third Pandemic. The Third Pandemic began in China in 1855, spreading plague to all inhabited continents and ultimately killing more than 12 million people in India and China alone
Bubonic Plague or Black Plague started in Europe around 1347. It was a terrible disease that was carried out with black rats and fleas. This terrible disease was affected the Medieval society. It was a terrible because so many peasants died and that nobody was left to farm the land and do the daily work.

The Plague (or called "Black Death") was an epidemic that struck Europe. People from China and Mongolia came with infected fleas carried by rats going aboard ships and that were transported to Italy, Greece and France; when the ships docked, the rats left the ships entering cities bringing the fleas and disease with them. In 1348 the virus, known as the Yersinia pestisbacterium and until 1351 the bacterium had killed 1/3 of Europe. Leaving fewer farmers and other people that held jobs that were important to the economy. The Europeans blamed the Jews for the plague by poisoning the water but it really was caused by flea bites. Other break outs occurred between 1451-1721.

Plague is still around today in small numbers and is treated with antibiotics.

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Q: Where did the bubonic plague attack?
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