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They were roughly in a middle class- neither commoners nor nobles. I should point out in some countries ( such as Austria) they had Princess- Abesses who were very much nuns- and of the Nobility. So there was some representation of the Noble classes. In Catholic Countries, Nuns often acted as ladies-in-waiting to Catholic Queens and princesses, and officiated at funerals,etc.

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Q: Where does a nun rank in the feudal system?
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What grouping of people based on rank or status is called what?

group of people that ocuppies a rank or level in society

What is a noble?

A noble was part of the feudal system in Europe. The Feudal system was a type of governemnt formed in a hierartrical system. For example, those in the highest rank such as the Church and the King or Queen (matriarch) controlled everything. Then there were nobles, knights, lords, peasants, and serfs (from top to bottom of the feudal system not including the matriarch or king).

What level of the feudal system was thomas becket at?

Archbishop Thomas Becket was one of two archbishops in England. He was therefore at the very top rank of the Church in this country, but as a member of the Church he was not part of the feudal system directly.

Did Romans use the feudal system?

No, the feudal system was a medieval system.

Where is a Falconer from medieval Europe in the feudal system?

I am not sure I understand your question. If you mean rank he was lower rank, but a bit better off than a peasant. If you mean area of Europe then he could be from any part.

Where did the feudal system exist?

feudal is the answer

What two medieval society names?

feudal system or feudalism.

What was one of the outgrowths of the feudal system?

Chivalry was an outgrowth of the feudal system

What was the class structur for ancient china?

There was no real sturcture but the farmers were of a higher rank than the merchants and the officials are the highest after the emperor.

What responsibilitys did peasants have in feudal system?

They supported the entire feudal system by working the land.

What is a feudal laborer?

a labourer who labours under a feudal system

How feudal system work?

the feudal system works how by William taking the mici out of people to be loyal to him.