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Lord Roland Alastair |Crichton-Stuart. Earl of Camster KtGC OM, is the Hereditary Lord President of The Noble Compan'e of Archers, he is a Gold Medalist Archer and was awarded a KtGC (Knights, Grand Cross) for 30 years of charity work for animal welfare. He is a Retired Army Major and Intelligence Officer. Now Retired. he is an INFJ personality. a Qualified Private Pilot a Father and Grandfather.

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Lord Roland Crichton...

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sleeve, badge, collar, symbol
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He is the Hereditary Lord president of The Noble Compan'e of Archers KtGc

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Q: Who is Lord Roland Crichton-Stuart of Camster?
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Lord Roland Cichton-Stuart of Camster and Archers KtGC Kt OM was born on Christmas Eave in Edinburgh in 1950. He went Fetters Preparatory School in Edinburgh, then Kings Chester and Kings College Cambridge. 18th Hereditary Lord president of The Noble Compan'e of Archers. Awarded a Knights Grand Cross of The Britannic Order of St. George for 30 years service to Charity. A Knight Commander and holds the Order of Merit, from the Noble Compan'e of Archers, Retired Army Officer, now disabled due to wounds acquired during his Military Service. He has been Honoured by the Australian Royal Flying Doctor Service, and for services to Peta and many other Charities, a Life Member and Descendant of the Knights of Windsor, He owns one of the largest collections of Royal Memorabilia in the world, he is also a Gem collector, and is a 'twitcher'. He is a widower, with four sons two daughters. he is a Gold Medalist Archer, he won the 1984 Lalem all comers championship gold medal, he also won a bronze in the same archers meeting. He owns a House in Brittany.

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