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Gods and goddesses had always been a part of Roman religion of ancient times, as they spead out and other people became a part of Rome, those gods and goddesses became as Roman as the people.

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The Romans made offerings to their gods for the same reasons that we say prayers to our God. It was a form of worship.

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Gods and goddesses were important to the Romans because they were very religious and Roman religion was polytheistic (it had many gods).

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Q: Why did the Romans make offerings to their Gods?
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Where did the Romans worship?

Romans did their worshiping at home. There was usually an altar dedicated to the household or patron god of the family in every home. Although they had elaborate public temples, they were used for special services in honor of the temple's patron god and for certain civic matters.

What are good omens for the ancient Romans?

Good omens were signs of positive outcomes for future actions. The Romans practiced augury, which was a religious cult of reading the omens of the gods. Bad omens signalled that the gods did not approve of the future action. There were many techniques for reading the omens of the gods and there were all sorts of signs.

How did the Greek civilization influence the Roman Achievements?

well, that answer was wrong, Greece influenced a lot on the roman culture, but the answer of how they did it, i don't knwo it

How did the romans feel about people who followed religions other than roman religion?

The Romans were tolerant of other religions and many times found foreign gods were actually the same gods that the Romans worshiped only they had different names and sometimes different rites. They only clamped down on cults that they considered treasonous or decadent.

How did Romans react to the religions of the people they conquered early in their history?

The Romans were tolerant of the religions of conquered peoples. They generally found similarities between the beliefs of the conquered and their own beliefs and incorporated the foreign gods into their own pantheon. The only gods that they abhorred were the Egyptian gods depicted with animal heads.

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What did the Romans build so that Roman priests could make offerings and sacrifices to the gods?


How did Romans honor gods and goddesses?

The Romans honoured their gods by performing rites specific to each god(dess). These rites involved giving offerings (sacrifices) to the gods. Many of these offerings were blood sacrifices, (slaughter of animals). Some sacrifices were offerings of flowers, milk, honey and the like.

How did Romans honor gods?

By animal sacrifice, festivals/celebrations, offerings in temples.

What did the Roman gods do to the Romans?

the gods balanced out life and death for the Romans

Did egyptians make offerings to the gods?

Yes they did

Why did the Mesopotamian's make daily offerings to the gods?

The Mesopotamians made daily offerings to the gods to benefit their civilizations. They did it to boost their happiness, to bring about better harvests, and for continued protection and preservation of their civilization.

What did the Romans give there gods?

They would have left offerings of food and flowers, burnt incense and sacrificed animals or even people to them.

Did the Romans make human sacrifices to their gods?

They did sometimes.

How the Romans worship their gods?

make more words

How did Roman religion strengthen support for the government?

Roman religion and Roman government were intertwined to an extent. Although many, perhaps most, Romans were not religious, they were superstitious. They believed that because they honored the gods, the gods favored Rome by granting them their successes and the empire's prosperity. Rituals for the good of the state had to be carried out exactly and, at certain times, offerings were made to the deities. If these offerings/ceremonies were not performed correctly, there was a belief that the gods would withhold their favor from the Romans.

Where did sumerian priest make offerings to the sumerians gods and goddesses?

through the city ziggurat

How did priests and worshippers seek to gain the favor of the gods and ensure divine help?

Commonly it was through offerings of oils, incense, money, and food. Prayers and hymns as well as candles were also used as offerings. Also sometimes they gave human offerings to make the gods happy