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The Family Has Power And Authority over the whole family. He had the rights to execute his children if he wished.

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Roman fathers had power over their families becaue that was part of their culture. In all ancient societies, the male was the authority in the family.

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Q: Why do Roman Fathers have power over their families?
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What is a Roman patriction?

A Roman patrician was a member of a social class. At the beginning of the city the patricians were the wealthy landowners and had complete control of the government. Because of this early authority, power and wealth the patricians have the reputation for being the super rich. However, this was not always the case, as over the years many patrician families lost their wealth. Julius Caesar and Lucius Sulla are two men who were patrician but their families were not wealthy. Sulla, in fact, was impoverished for most of his youth.

What temporary position could the Roman Senate appoint during times of war?

The temporary postition that the Roman senate would appoint in times of war was the dictator. When the crisis was over, or when the time of his appointed term was over, the dictator was expected to give up his power.

What was a tribute in ancient roman times?

Tribute in Roman times was the same as it is in our time---a tax or an honor depending on how the word is used. If you mean tribune, he was a Roman official who was supposed to look after the interests of the plebeians. He had the veto power over all the other officials except a dictator.

Why was the new Roman Emperor concerned about crowning by the pope?

He did not want people to think that the popehad the power to choose who was emperor.

Was the roman empire centralized or decentralized when it was strong?

The Roman Empire developed a strong centralised state when Augustus, the first emperor, established his own personal ruler and started the period of absolute rule by emperors. The emperors had control over the state and politics, which ensured centralised power.

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What is Pater familias?

It means 'father of the family,' and refers to the fact that fathers were usually the heads of Roman families. A paterfamilias had complete and total control over the members of his family.

Why was the family important in Roman society?

The family was important in Roman society because it was the heart of Roman society. Evidence: "At the heart of Roman society was the family." More information; When Rome was a republic, large families were common. "Married children often lived in the same house with their parents and other relatives. The father closely watched over his wife and her activities. The law even allowed fathers to sell children into slavery or have them put to death. In later times, fathers lost some of this power, and wives gained some legal rights. Families had fewer children, and Romans were more likely to divorce and remarry"

What do fathers do on Father's day?

They enjoy themselves, their children, their families, their gifts, and the over all day.

How powerful were ancient roman fathers?

Technically the oldest male in the family was the "paterfamilias" and had all power, even of life and death over the family. All money and property, even of grown sons, belonged to him. The son was only allowed his own property if the father released him. But, even though they had this power, it was mostly only used in the very early days of the city. They were fathers and they loved their children and wanted to do anything to make their lives and their families better. However, in family councils or discussions the paterfamilias always had the last word and his advise was taken.

What is a fathers responsibility in a roman family?

They had power over their family and were head of the household.

What power did the Roman king have?

They had powers over thegd

How did fathers gain power over their families?

Through marriage, man-made patriarchal religious doctrines, forbidding the education of daughters, male centered laws, superior strength, subordinating women in order to take control of their property, domestic abuse, etc.

What is the roman god Pluto's power?

Hades/Pluto has power over the Underworld and all that reside there. The power over death, and souls. He is also a God of riches and wealth.

What is the roman god Plutos's power?

Hades/Pluto has power over the Underworld and all that reside there. The power over death, and souls. He is also a God of riches and wealth.

What practical problem was faced by the convention?

The founding fathers had to settle the disagreement over states rights versus federal rights, and which has power over certain situations.

How did injuries effect families in World War 1?

the injuries that effected families were not so bad to life threatening many families had to live with sons and fathers and sometimes daughters who would never be the same again who could never help with the families again who were more of a burden than anything else and they would probably wish that there life was over thank you

Why did Roman Empire lose its power?

It was progressively taken over by incoming Eurasian peoples.