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Q: 36 questions about the holocaust
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When was the Jewish Holocaust fought?

The Holocaust wasn't a war. Please see the related questions.

Where was the war for the Holocaust?

There was no "war for the holocaust" - and the Holocaust took place mainly in Poland and the former Soviet Union.---Please see the related questions.

How many percent will be if when you get 36 questions right of 36 questions?

You'd be 100% right.

What is the percent of 2 out of 36 questions?

2 out of 36 questions = 2 / 36 = 0.055556Converting the decimal to a percentage: 0.055556 * 100 = 5.56%

What political incidents were behind the Holocaust?

There were no specific incidents behind the Holocaust. For further information please see the related questions.

What questions does the Holocaust raise about the world you live in?

Absolutely nothing, it would take a person to raise questions.

How do you figure out the percentage of 10 wrong out of 36 questions?

percentage of 10 wrong out of 36 questions = 27.78%= 10/36 * 100%= 0.2778 * 100%= 27.78%

What was the average weight of the prisoners in the Holocaust?

acording to my calculations with bone and skin mass, approx, 2 pounds

What happened in the Holocaust -1919-1933?

In 1919-1933 there was no German holocaust of the Jews. It began in 1941. Please see the related questions.

Can you name the camps from the Holocaust?

Please see the related questions below.

Why the holocaust is a problem for Jews?

it forced them to answer difficult questions about their relationship with God

What could have been done to stop the Holocaust?

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