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No, they are listed by the date that the service men and women were taken from us.

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Q: Are the names on the vietnam's wall listed alphabetically?
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Can the names listed on the Vietnam wall be shown on line?

Going to the website, VIETNAM VETERANS MEMORIAL WALL, just fill in the blocks provided (spaces provided). It's presumed, the names are in alphabetical order. Information will consist of name, rank, age, home state, date of KIA, area of KIA, branch of service, religion, weapon (general weapon, e.g. "small arms fire", etc.), race.

Is it true that the first 200 names on the Vietnam memorial wall were there because the people were missing?

On the site: Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall; the information column will explain those names.

Can you find a list of people killed in the Vietnam War?

They are carved into the Vietnam Memorial in Washington DC. There are many websites dedicated to listing Viet Nam casualties. Here are two I have used, and one I haven't tried yet: 1. "No Quarter" [] is a Viet Nam casualty SEARCH ENGINE. 2. "The Moving Wall" [] is a site for the traveling scaled down Wall, but does have the list online of the casualties listed on The Wall. 3. I have not yet checked out "The Virtual Wall" [] but it is refered to on The Moving Wall site, which also provides a direct link. I have now checked out The Virtual Wall, and it is not a full listing of all the names listed on The Wall in Washington, DC. Instead, it is a site for the posting of MEMORIALS to those whose names are on The Wall. Most of the memorials are posted by brothers-in-arms, family, classmates, and friends. The site also contains a section listing those who received our Nations highest decorations. This site, unlike the others, provides an informative insight into the backgrounds and lives of some of those who gave the last full measure of devotion to duty. The site invites all, who knew or care about the sacrifice of those named on The Wall, to post a tribute. j3h.

What war memorial in Washington D.C. is a wall with names of those that died during the war?

Vietnam War

What are the names on the Vietnam War memorial?

See website: Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall

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Names of usmc casulties in Vietnam?

The names of the 14,838 dead US Marines are listed on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial wall.

How many names are on the Vietnam memorial?

The website Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall has a information column that might supply those answers.

Last name listed on the Vietnam vet wall?

If you're referring to the last person considered a casualty of the Vietnam War, it would be a Marine by the name of Kelton R Turner, who was killed during the Mayaguez Incident. The last name which was added to the wall was that of Marine Gunnery Sergeant Enrique Valdez.

How are the names on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall arranged?

The names on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall are arranged in chronological order, starting from the axis (the middle). The names of those under known casualties start from the middle of the wall and span westward; they are listed from top to bottom, right to left, by the date of known casualty. The names of those who went missing and were supposedly in designated Vietnam combat zones start from the middle of the wall and span eastward; they are listed from top to bottom, left to right, by the date a person was proclaimed missing.

What is the first name listed on the Vietnam wall?

The names on the Vietnam Wall Memorial are listed in chronological order, according to the date of casualty within each day, the names are alphabetized. The first name in Section 1E is LEO BERT ABRAMOSKI, he was a caucasian, 31 years old, DOB 07-Feb-1933, and married.

Who was the last Vietnam soldier to die in the Vietnam war?

Check the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall. Those names are listed in chronological order; the last name engraved on the wall would be your answer.

How many name are there at the War Memorial?

As of 2010, there are 58,272 names on the War Memorial Wall. Out of this total, around 1,200 are listed as POW's, MIA's.

Why are their names on the wall of the Vietnam Memorial?

The men who are listed on the wall are the men who died fighting for the United States in the 10 years of war in Viet Nam. This honors their memory and sacrifice they made for this country.

How are the names assigned to places on the Vietnam wall?

The names are placed in chronological order, so that those who fought together are listed and remembered together. The list starts at the apex moving east to the end, then starts on the west panel moving back in to the apex. There are volunteers, park rangers, and several directory kiosks to enter names to determine on which panel and line they are listed.

Why isn't my uncle who died in Vietnam listed on Vietnam War memorial wall?

If your uncle was in the US Military (civilians are not listed on the wall); obtain documentation and contact the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall office.

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