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Mata Hari best known. The name means Eye of the Dawn. If you stretched the definition, one might consider Count Von Luckner- German Navy officer and skipper of the disguised raider ( Seeadler)- Sea Eagle or Sea Hawk) but he would fit more into the category of a privateer or a legalized govt-agent pirate. He was a commissioned officer of the Kriegsmarine, and before the war was a merchant captain.

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Mata Hari

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Q: Are there any famous spies in world war 1?
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Where there any female spies in World War 2?

no there wasn't,

What was the consequence of being a spy during the world war 1?

Generally, in wartime, spies know that if captured, spies of any nation in any war are likely to be shot. They are not often captured, however, and if captured are often not executed.

Did World War 2 spies get their Miranda rights read to them?

No. "Miranda" rights didn't exist until well after that war ended. I don't recall if there were any spies still out there by the time Miranda was announced.

What are the names of famous male spies of the civil war?

There were many spies during the American Civil War. Some of the better known male spies were Lafayette Baker, Timothy Webster, and Henry Harrison.

Were women sent to get information in World War 1?

There were women spies in World War 1. The most famous female spy was Mata Hari. She was a Dutch woman living in Paris that spied for Germany.

What did the women spies do in world war 2?


Did Germany have spies in World War 2?

During World War 2, Germany had spies and practiced espionage. German espionage began before the World War, and dates back to before the bombing of Pearl Harbor.

What is Another word for spies in world war 2?

an informant.

Were there American spies in Japan during World War 2?


What did the british spies do in world war 2?

they spied on their enemy

Where there any famous women who were in World War 1?

no but in ww2 there were

Was it only girl spies that were sent out in world war 2?

Uh, no.