Battle of la drang

Updated: 8/19/2023
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The Battle of Ia Drang was fought from November 14 to November 18, 1965 between the United States and North Vietnam. The result of the battle was inconclusive, with both sides claiming victory.

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The Battle of Điện Bi

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Q: Battle of la drang
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How long did the la drang battle last?

Three days

How long was the la drang battle in Vietnam?

3 days.

What effect did the battle La Drang have on American in Vietnam?

Resulted in the permanent establishment of US Army Airmobile Divisions. Ia Drang was the US Army's first official Airmobile Division battle .

Who caused the battle at la Drang valley?

The new experimental "air cavalry" was looking for a fight; the NVA accepted the challenge.

What year was the battle of Ia Drang Valley?


Why did people died in the la drang battle?

The US Army's experimental "Airmobile" Division was deployed to the Ia Drang to destroy communist units in that region. NVA regular units were stationed there, and two battalions of US Army regulars engaged them for 3 days.

How was the battle of Ia Drang important to the respective stategies?

WWII validated the "Airborne" divisions (paratroopers) Vietnam validated the "Airmobile" divisions (helicopters); Ia Drang battle in '65.

Did Moore charge up the hill at the battle of Ia Drang?


Battle for Ia Drang Valley begins Vietnam?

The Battle of Ia Drang lasted from 14 November through 18 November in 1965 .

How many Vietnamese casualties were there at the battle of Ia Drang?

South Vietnamese troops did not participate in the battle. There were an estimated 1000 NVA(North Vietnamese Army) casualties in the Battle of the Ia Drang ; see related link to additional information .

What is the correct pronunciation of Ia Drang?

GI's called it "I" Drang.

What was the worst battle in Vietnam?

Ia Drang...300 dead GI's, in three days.