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A 'political legal environment' is the system of government instituted by each country's central government. Think of the differences between the US-UK-German governments; all are democracies, but their governments are elected, govern, and are replaced in different ways.

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The basic understanding of the political legal environment is when the government implement's laws and or regulations which effects the way a business operates.

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Q: Definition of political legal environment
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What is basic legal environment?

what is the definition of basic legal environment

What is a political legal environment?

Political environment is where the government bodies intervene in situations where society does not adhere to the governmental Acts, so therefore politically there always have to be some form of governance.

Definition of legal environment?

the set of rules and regulations to be abiding by law stimulating and surrounding the business is knoen as legal environment

Political and Legal Environment of china?

fark the chinese government!

How Political legal environment as opportunity as well as threat?

The political legal environment is a threat because regulations can hurt a business. It is also an opportunity because regulations can improve a business' position in the market.

What are the components of the marketing environment?

Components that make up the marketing environment are the competitive environment, political/legal environment, economic environment, technological environment, and social/cultural environment.

The outcomes of the changes in the laws of a society are known as?

political and legal forces in the environment.

Example of general environment of an organization?

economic, legal, political, and social circumstances

What is the definition of PEST EL?

PESTEL Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environmental and Legal Factors

What are the five dimensions of the marketing environment?

Competitive, political-legal, economic, technological and social-cultural

What are the 7 key environment of business?

1. Economic environment 2. Technological environment 3. Cultural environment 4. Political environment 5. Legal environment 6. Natural environment 7. Internal environment

Definition of mega marketing?

When associations and big corporations try to control the uncontrollable factors external to their business, e.g. political, legal and technological environment, so that they can perform better than their competitors, it is termed as mega marketing.