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The Europeans didn't pay attention to the cultural and ethnical differences in the region. They drew boundaries without taking this into consideration. Many tribes had to live on other tribes "land". This led to many arguments between groups.

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Q: How did the European partitioning across Africa contribute to conflict civil war and artificial political boundaries?
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How did European partitioning in Africa contribute to artificial political boundaries?

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Why is there such wide ethnic diversity within African nations?

The African political boundaries were drawn without regard for ethnicities. Apex

What are artificial political boundaries?

imaginary lines that divide or seperate tribes, cultures, territories, or traditions

How do warsaffect political boundaries?

After wars, political boundaries are often changed

What is the difference between a political map and a physical maps?

Physical maps show physical and geologic features such as rivers and mountains. Political maps show artificial boundaries such as state lines and national borders.

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Boundaries on Earth's surface are called geographic boundaries. These boundaries can be natural, such as mountains, rivers, and coastlines, or they can be artificial, such as borders between countries or states. Geographic boundaries help define territories, separate landforms, and demarcate political jurisdictions.

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Yes, political boundaries are man-made although they may follow geological boundaries such as shorelines, rivers, or mountains.

How did European partitioning across Africa contribute to artificial political boundaries?

The European powers, when agreeing on their spheres of influence in the Berlin Congress of 1885 had to create boundaries, because Africa was a collection of thousands of tribal lands that - certainly south of the Sahara - simply did not know the concept of nationality, nor the idea of fixed boundaries. The 'natural' boundaries of tribal lands were often hotly contested and the ubiquitous slavery all over Africa (long after the 'Western' nations had abandoned it) was a result of those endless tribal conflicts.The European-drawn boundaries had the result - that by the way for the most part only became a problem after the nations' independence around 1960 - that traditionally hostile tribes were now thrown together in one nation-State and forced to cooperate and divide power peacefully. Also, the European boundaties sometimes cut straight across tribal lands, causing a tribe to be divided over two States.

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