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Interested, exhilerated and enthusiastic when it began, exhausted, expendable and unappreciated when it ended.

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Q: How did the us troops feel at the beginning and end of the Vietnam war?
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How many US troops were stationed in Vietnam by the end of 1965?

By the end of 1965, the United States had 184,300 troops in Vietnam.

By the end of 1965 what was the status of American soldiers?

they were Hawks

What did Nixon promise about the Vietnam War during his campaign for the 1968 election?

Nixon said that he would pull troops out of Vietnam. Under a plan called "peace with honor", Nixon planned to negotiate an end to the war.

What helped end the war in Vietnam?

The people of the United States came to feel that the war in Vietnam was unjustified. President Nixon withdrew troops and the North Vietnamese aided by China took over South Vietnam.

What was president Nixons stance on Vietnam?

He wanted to end the stalemate and remove U.S. troops from Vietnam.

What did the complete withdrawal of American troops mean for south Vietnam?

Ultimately the withdrawal of American troops from Vietnam could be used to define the end of the war, the last of the American troops did not leave until the Paris Peace accords were signed in 1973.

After the withdraw of the American troops south Vietnam was taken over by what country?

the north and south are one country, not taken over by anyone.

What was the worst week in Vietnam?

The end of January 1968; beginning of the TET offensive.

The exaxt month of vietnams beginning to end?

See website: Vietnam TIME LINE

Why did china send troops into Vietnam at the end of World War 2?

If China sent troops south in WWII, it's because they were part of the allies during WWII.

What promise did Richard Nixon make to the American people of the Vietnam war?

train south vietnamese troops to replace the us troops

What was the recommendation of Secretary Robert S McNamara concerning US troop strength for Vietnam by 1966?

US Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara believed more troops were required for the war in Vietnam. His recommendation to US President Johnson was to deploy at least 400,000 troops in Vietnam by the end of 1966.