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A federal anti-discrimination law protecting Viet War vets was passed in the mid 70's.

Funny. in the mid 70's these guys were spat on, hated by the people of the united states. Turned to the streets, still lots of Vietnam Vets are homeless. Very sad, they were doing what they were ORDERED to do, and in turn, got spat on when they got home. No welcome home comings. mostly. They JUST recently, added Agent Orange to the list of of a small list of things the Vietnam Vets are disabled for. What I don't understand is the difference between any war. They are all wars. However (no disrespect) 9/11, for some reason are treated differently than WW1 WWII Vietnam, etc. I don't understand this logic.

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Q: How has the US helped Vietnam veterans?
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How has the US helped Vietnam soldiers?

US Vietnam Veterans, as well as all US veterans have access to VA medical facilities, counselling, and receive educational benefits for trade schools and colleges, home loans.

What has the US done to help Vietnam veterans?

US Veterans Affairs.

How many Vietnam memorials are there in US?

See: Vietnam Veterans Memorials

List of vietnam war veterans in US?

A list of deceased Vietnam War veterans in the US can be found on the Vietnam Veteran's memorial. You can also find this type of list by contacting the VA in your area.

Number of surviving Vietnam veterans?

Over 58,000 US servicemen died in Vietnam.

Did Vietnam Veterans feel better after they helped the new generation of veterans?

The Vietnam Veterans of America (VVA) has a motto: They'll never turn their back upon a veteran (as the VFW/American Legion/and the rest of the country did to them).

Are there any US Soldiers in Vietnam in 2008?

Vietnam is a communist country. US forces are not allowed there. However, US veterans visit Vietnam as tourists every year.

Does the dept of veterans affairs represent US Navy veterans of Vietnam?

The US Department of Veteran's Affairs represents all veterans of all services, war or peace

When did the Vietnam veterans get their rights?

What are you talking about? Vietnam veterans always had rights.

What is the theme of the armed forces day in 2005?

Vietnam veterans

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They built their own Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall.

When was Vietnam Veterans of America created?

Vietnam Veterans of America was created in 1978.