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Britain lost 700,000 fighting men in WW1

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Q: How many people did Britain lose in World War 1?
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How many people lived in Britain in world war 2?

48.2 million

How many people from Britain died in World War 1 and 2?

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How many planes did Britain lose in ww1?

Britain lost 245 planes in one single month

How did they alert people during World War 2?

In Britain they had many sirens to alert people to air raids.

What did the colonists worry they would lose if they gained their independence from Britain?

Colonist worried they would lose many things if they became indpendent from Britain. They were afraid they would lose lots of things they imported, and their sense of security.

How many people died from bomb attacks on Britain during World War 2?


How many people died in Britain in World War 2?

About 14,000 people dies during the world war 2.

About how many people were on the Americans side in world war 2?

France, Britain, possibly Italy and others.

How Quebec lost Britain's war?

Britain didn't lose many wars and none because of Quebec. Quebec on the other hand...

How many people died in great Britain during World War I?

The number of British soldiers killed in World War 1 was about 880,000.

How many percent of Britain were rich people during World War 1?

the percentage was 33% hope that helped!

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