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There were four states of the Upper South - Kentucky, Missouri, Maryland, Delaware - that remained loyal to the Union, and were allowed to continue practising slavery throughout the war.

There was also the District of Columbia, where slavery was not outlawed till 1862, and then the new state of West Virginia, which joined the Union in 1863 and continued to practise slavery, though only on a small scale.

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There are 3 states that allow slavery they are Britain, France, and Mississippi.

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Q: How many union states still practiced slavery?
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Why did the border states that bordered the union states and the confederacy states did not want to join the confederacy even though they practiced slavery?


What were the states that allowed slavery but were still loyal to the union called?

The Border states, or the Buffer states.

Why did some of the slave states remain in the union?

Most slave states left the union. The "border" states that practiced slavery, but stayed in the union, probably realized it would be too difficult to fight off the North.

What was the American Civil War fighting about?

The soutern states were trying to secede from the union, which the north did not wish to allow; the disagreement was based on the issue of slavery, practiced by the south but not by the north.

States that wanted to end slavery?

The Union states.

Are confederate states free states?

no the union are free ,confederate are agents slavery Not true. Md,De,Mo,Ky were Union states that had slavery. In the middle of the war,WVa became a Union state (June '63) and also allowed slavery. All Confederates had slavery.

What states fought in the Civil War on the side of the Union but which still had slavery?

the border states like kentucky missorui west virginia and maryland

Was slavery illegal in all of the states that were in the Union at the Civil War?

no it was not during the war Texas was still part of Mexico

The emancipation freed enslaved people living where?

states still in rebellion against the Union after January 1, 1863

Who was the slavery civil war between?

The Union States (northern and non slavery) and the Confederate State (seceded from the union, southern, and pro slavery).

Why did southern states pass black codes?

the black codes were a way for the southern states to still have "slavery" but without getting in trouble from the union

What were border states and why were they important?

border states are states that were left in the union but stil had slavery.