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When trained correctly, any man can be turned into a "killing machine." The primary purpose of the US Army's BASIC COMBAT INFANTRYMAN TRAINING, better known as "Basic Training" and "Boot Camp" is (or was) designed to "tear a man down to his basic human level, then REBUILD him into an infantryman." After he was now an infantryman (graduated from boot camp), then he went on to his Primary MOS (Military Occupational Specialty)...Armor school (to become a tank crewman), Artillery School (to become an artilleryman), Military Police School (to become a military policeman), Engineer School (to become an engineer), Medic School (to become a medic), etc. The US Marine Corps has traditionally had the toughest "Basic Combat Infantryman Training" programs. The mission of the US Marines is different from that of the US Army. The Marines must secure beach heads for US Navy purposes. The Marines are part of the US Navy. Taking a shoreline/beachhead requires a "no-nonsense" attitude. Whereas the Army can wait for air support, or artillery support, or reinforcements, or proper naval gunnery support; Marines need to take an objective NOW (when the mission requires it). With or without the added support, the Marines must act NOW (when ordered/mission required). Consequently, US Marines are most probably better equated to "Shock Troops", as they are trained for the most difficult assaults. The result of these "difficult missions" is TOUGHER TRAINING. During WWII, during a particular island assault, the US Army was taking one objective, while the Marines were taking another one. The Marines took theirs, while the army was stalled on theirs. A single enemy machinegun was holding up the army advance. The invasion "Time-Table" was now off; an enemy submarine crept up on the waiting US Naval ships waiting off shore, and torpedoed one US Navy Escort Carrier, sinking it, and killing 600 US Sailors. Had that objective been taken within the allotted time table, the waiting US Ships would have departed before that submarine could have gotten within range. There is a reason for military "time-tables." There is (or was) a reason for United States Marines.

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Back then Japanese boys were trained from the time they were 9 years old to be warriors in the way of the Samurai Code. Their minds were indoctrinated and they were trained as our men are trained in boot camp. All of them are expected to service in their military forces. They get out of serving if they are physically unable, have talents that are needed elsewhere or last man in the family.

So they are killing machines from the time they are young. They were not taught sports nor did they join little leagues or the Scouts. They learned to war.

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Q: How were Japanese soldiers acculturated to being killing machines?
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