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Borrowed more money.

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Q: In order to pay its war debt Germany?
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In order to pay its war debt Germany had to?

borrowed more money

What did Germany do in order to pay its war debt?

borrowed more money

Did Poland pay back World War 2 debt?

Poland don't have any debt after II War. Poland was fighting against Germany.

Who did not pay back U.S. debt after World War 1?

Finland is the only country to fully pay back it's WWI debt to the U.S. No other country has.

How much war debt was Germany ordered to pay during World War 1?

$6,600 million due to the Treaty of Versailles.

What was the German Economic Devastation?

Germany owed high war debt due to World War One & The Treaty of Versailles. This means that after World War One Germany had to pay for all the damages the war had caused. Witch was not possible for Germany to do.

How did Germany pay for the expenses of the war?

by working off their debt to the U.S. when they finally accepted post war reparations, when the U.S. lent them money

How did the US respond to the idea of joining the League of Nations?

They agreed because it had put all the blame for the war on Germany and it also made them pay for the war debt.

Which country was suffering over war debt post World War 1?

Germany because their government, the Weimar Republic, signed the Treaty of Versailles, blaming Germany for all of WWI and making them pay reparations.

How many years did it take for Germany to pay their debt in World War I?

If you're talking about the debts they had to repay after World War 1 they didn't fully pay them off before the start of World War 2, more then 20 years later.

The british Parliament passed the stamped act in order to?

To help pay off the debt that they owed from the French and Indian war

After World War 1 Germany had to pay billions of dollars in war?

Germany had to pay £6600million as reperations