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John J. Crittenden supported the Union and opposed the secession of Kentucky into the Confederacy using his popularity as a leader in the region. He also proposed several bills in the congress to help preserve the Union.

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Q: In the way what did John Crittenden do?
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When was John Crittenden Duval born?

John Crittenden Duval was born in 1816.

When did John Crittenden Duval die?

John Crittenden Duval died in 1897.

When was John Jordan Crittenden III born?

John Jordan Crittenden III was born in 1854.

When did John Jordan Crittenden III die?

John Jordan Crittenden III died in 1876.

When was John J. Crittenden born?

John J. Crittenden was born on 1787-09-10.

At the last attempt to keep the union together what did senator john crittenden create?

crittenden compromise

Who was the Kentucky senator who tried to save the union with a last-minute compromise?

John Crittenden

What has the author John Jordan Crittenden written?

John Jordan Crittenden has written: 'Kansas--the Lecompton constitution' -- subject(s): Politics and government

When did Thomas Theodore Crittenden die?

Thomas Theodore Crittenden died on 1909-05-29.

Who was Joseph Crittenden?

John Crittenden was a politician from the state of Kentucky. He was also the 15th and 22nd United States Attorney General.

How did John Crittenden try to save the union?

He was able to keep Kentucky from seceding the nation. and he also had the Crittenden compromise, which failed, but was for abolition.

Was john crittenden president?

NO. He was governor of Kentucky at one time.