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Cambodia is part of the continent of Asia.

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Q: Is Cambodia an island or contnant?
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What contnant is south pole in?


Is Vietnam an island?

No, it is on the coast, east of Laos and Cambodia.

What is the continents of Afghanistan Bahamas Cambodia?

Afghanistan and Cambodia are countries in Asia. The Bahamas is an island nation in North America.

A tropical island in southeast Asia?

Koh Rong is a paradise island located in Cambodia.

Is Cambodia an island?

No. Look on the map, you'll see its part of the Eurasian continent.

What is the biggest island in Vietnam?

Phu Quoc Island is biggest islandPhú Quốc, also known as Koh Trol in Cambodia, is the largest island in Vietnam.

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Is Cambodia's real name The Kingdom of Cambodia?

no it is not called the kingdom of Cambodia it is called Cambodia

Kampuchea was formerly known as .?


What is Cambodia called now?

Cambodia is now officially called "The Kingdom Of Cambodia"

What is Cambodia's nickname?

kingdom of cambodia

What is the new name for the country Cambodia?