Mass graves in the Holocaust

Updated: 4/28/2022
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The mass graves were dug by the Jews , during the day. it was a massive hole, and when it was deep enough the Nazis would line the Jew's and shoot them row by row. the point of the Jews working throw the day was basically to dig their own grave. to die, just another way to kill them like the toxin rooms.

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Q: Mass graves in the Holocaust
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What was the Holocaust and Genocide?

The holocaust was when Hitler tried to eliminate the Jews by mass murder and genocide. The cause was antisemitism turned evil.

The Holocaust was the Nazi's mass murder of who?

The Nazis killed mainly Jews in the holocaust but also people who were 'feeble minded', 'crippled', and even POWs.

How many people died in the Holocaust and how many survived during the Holocaust?

About 11-17 million people died in the Holocaust (depending on the definition of Holocaust used). Unfortunately, there are competing definitions.It was actually the mass murder of six million Jews.There is no agreed definition of Holocaust survivor.Please see the related questions below.

Where did people get buried when they died in the civil war?

Yes. Most Civil War soldiers were burried in mass graves. These mass graves were simply hastily dug trenches, maybe 4-5 feet deep at the maximum. The dead were then cast into these trenches and covered with soil. Mass graves were typically left unmarked, or if they were marked, very little information was left, basically leaving the dead soldiers as 'anonymous'. Some soldiers had the priveledge of being given a proper burial, but they were in the minority. After a major battle resulting in thousands of deaths, the main objective was not to mark who exactly had died, but to simply dispose of the bodies and move on.

Why was the Holocaust was considered a mass hysteria?

That notion is inaccurate. Nazi antisemitism was obsessive and hysterical, but the notion that the Holocaust itself was 'mass hysteria' is based on the mistaken assumption that the German population was howling for Jewish blood and the Nazi leadership obliged, so to speak. The Holocaust was not driven by the German population. It was driven by forces much higher up the hierarchy.

Related questions

How big were the mass graves in the holocaust?

It's over 9000!

What did they do with the bodies when the mass graves were full Holocaust?

they made other Jewish workers burn their bodys in the crematorium

Did the dead bodies of the Jews get buried after the holocaust was over?

Most of the corpses (dead bodies) were cremated (burned) at the extermination camps during the Holocaust. Others were buried in mass graves during the Holocaust. Recent archaeological 'digs' at Belzec, for example, have uncovered eleven mass graves with the remains of at least 10,000 bodies in each grave.

What happened to the people that were killed in the Holocaust?

They were buried in mass graves. ____ Some were buried in mass graves, many were exhumed and cremated. Others were cremated immediately after death. The ashes were distributed (generally to a local river).

How many people were in a mass grave during the Holocaust?

The exact number of people in mass graves during the Holocaust is difficult to determine due to the large scale and varying circumstances of genocide across multiple locations. Tens of thousands to millions of victims were buried in mass graves, depending on the specific site and period. The largest mass grave discovered so far contains the remains of over 100,000 people at the Babi Yar ravine in Ukraine.

Where were dead bodies burned during the Holocaust?

They were thrown into open mass graves and buried. Many were also creamted.

Where did the remains of the dead Jews go to from the Holocaust?

If you're asking about their remains then the bodies were dumped into mass graves and they ashes were simply disposed of anywhere they could put them.

How many mass graves were made during the holocaust?

if a mass grave is one where at leat three people are buried in, then of the (approx.) one and a half million who were killed out in the field one would have to assume that there were many thousand.

Did people dig their own graves so that Nazis just shoot them durning the holocaust?

Some people did dig their own graves, and did get shot and buried in those graves.

When was Commission on Concealed Mass Graves in Serbia created?

Commission on Concealed Mass Graves in Serbia was created in 2009.

Did the Jews deserve to die during the holocaust?

In the early stages of the Holocaust the corpses were buried in mass graves, but later they were cremated.

Did Hitler invent mass graves?