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the supported was Robert McNamara and Dean Rush

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Q: Name two groups that supported Johnson's decision to use troops in Vietnam?
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What are the names of the New Zealand soldiers who died in Vietnam?

Contact the Australian Viet War Veteran groups, they'll have close ties with the New Zealanders. New Zealand only sent a few thousand men to Vietnam, and to their credit, they were all volunteers!

What organizations and groups of Americans tended to oppose the war?

There were many people that opposed the Vietnam War. The groups and organizations that were the most anti-war included returning veterans, free speech movement groups, and college student groups.

'What groups supported the Patriot war effort How did each group contribute?

France, Spain, and Prussia helped in the Patriot war effort by donating large amounts of money.

Who were the opposing sides in the Vietnam War?

At its core, it was a battle between Democracy and Communism fronted by surrogates with South Vietnam , Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Thailand, the Philippines and the US representing the former, and North Vietnam, China and the USSR standing in for Communism. You also can't forget the Hmong, who fought against the Northern Vietnamese. The Hmong allied with the US.

Who were the resistance movements in World War 2?

There was a communist organization called "The American Peace Mobilization". It was considered a "subersive" group by the government. They were very anti-war until Germany invaded the Soviet Union. After that, they supported the Soviet's entry into the war and they supported material aid to the Soviets by the United States. Isolationism was also a very strong anti-war philosophy spearheaded by Charles Limburg. Once the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, they groups quickly quieted down. that's about all I know about anti-war groups during World War 2.

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What groups within Australia supported Australia's involvement in the Vietnam War?

The groups within Australia that supported our involvement in the Vietnam war were: * The Returned Service League (RSL) * The Liberal party and Country (now known as National)party and * The older generation

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What groups supported Mary queen of Scots of her time?

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What were the Eagles and Pigeons in the Vietnam war?

they were groups

What are the main ethnic groups of Vietnam?


What groups supported the federalist?

necessary and proper

What groups supported and which opposed tariffs?

business men supported and families opposed.

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interest groups

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What groups supported McCarthy?

anti-Communist group

Why was the Vietnam war dividing Americans?

because many american were against the vietnam war so there was 2 groups.

What is the Largest ethnic group in Vietnam?

the Kinh ethnic groups