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There were many people that opposed the Vietnam War. The groups and organizations that were the most anti-war included returning veterans, free speech movement groups, and college student groups.

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Q: What organizations and groups of Americans tended to oppose the war?
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In terms of bias, many Americans did not have a positive view of Germany and tended to favor the Allies. Germany was portrayed negatively in the press, and was seen as extremely militaristic.

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Why was there so little opposition to Hitler?

Arguably, there was much opposition. The opposition to Hitler was relatively widespread, coming from the youth, in particular students like Sophie Scholl. There was much passive resistance from the people, a smoking ban was proposed by the Nazis however during this period, smoking actually rose. There was opposition from the left wing and the communists. There was some oppostion from the churches, however this was limited to individuals as the church primarily concern was to keep their members rather than challenge the Nazi rule. The largest example of opposition came from the military with the famous Project Valkyrie taking the head which was conducted by Stauffenberg. So arguably, there was opposition from nearly all aspects of society. Despite this, it was limited in that it tended to be individuals that opposed the regime, rather than groups as a whole. When groups did openly oppose policy like the T4 programme, Hitler did revoke this policy, suggesting that the situation in Germany could have been completely different if people as a whole spoke out. Arguably, the terror aspect of the regime prevented this. The majority of those who did oppose the regime were executed or imprisoned. Sophie Scholl the student is an exmaple of this. Therefore, people were afraid of openly opposing as it is likely they would have been executed. There is another argument that explains why there was so little opposition and this is that the regime was widely popular. Hitler solved many of the economic problems that were present in Germany and to a degree he was very popular with the people. Many of the cirmes in Germany were repoted or denounced by citizens rather than organisations like the Gestapo themselves, which to a degree would suggest popularity to the regime. Overall, it is likely to be a combination of the two which explains why the opposition was limited to individuals. Those who did oppose the regime may have been afriad of the consequences so stuck to passive resistance and the other people may have supported the regime as they had a much better standard of living as a result of the Nazi regime.

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What organizations and groups of Americans tended to oppose the Vietnam war?

Opposition to the war started with youth groups, mothers, and students. Then civil rights groups, journalists, veterans, and doctors began speaking out against the war. Muhammed Ali lost his boxing title for refusing to be drafted.

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