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free soil party

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Q: Political party was formed over the issue of slavery?
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How did political parties come about?

In the process of government in free nations, like minded political persons find that working together as a group is a good way to accomplish a political agenda. For example, in the US when the Whig Party dissolved over sectionalism and the issue of slavery, people against slavery formed a new political party dedicated to end slavery in the US. These political minded people did not have to form a new political party, but they believed that in organized numbers within a party slavery could be ended.This is one example of how a political party can be formed.

How did a issue of slavery lead to a new political party?

it leaad by slavery and the govermant

How did the issue of slavery lead to a new political party?

it leaad by slavery and the govermant

What political party was formed by groups who opposed slavery?


The issue of slavery gave birth to which major political party?


Which political party's platform completely avoided the issue of slavery altogether?

The Whig Party's platform completely avoided addressing the issue of slavery in the years leading up to the Civil War. They focused more on economic issues and internal improvements rather than taking a stance on the divisive issue of slavery.

What political party in America was formed to fight the spread of slavery?


Which early political party formed because it did not support slavery?


What political party formed as a result of the debate over slavery?


Which political party first formed from the anti-slavery movement?


What political party stood against the spread of slavery?

The political party that stood against the spread of slavery was the newly formed Republican party. The party was emerged to combat the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854 which aimed to extend slavery.

The new political party that formed as a result of the debate over slavery was the?

free soil party