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The easiest i can put this is the North was the Republicans and the South was the Democrats. And the Whig party didnt exist anymore, it eventualy formed into the Republican party as seen above.

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Q: What was the political party formed by northerners and southerners who left the Whig and Democratic parties because neither addressed the slavery issue called?
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Are candidates plans as to how to resolve problems addressed in the political primaries?

Not in the Democratic one yet.

Who feared a loss of political influence due to the war of 1812?

it was either the a)northerners b)southerners c)New Englanders d)Native Americans you are smart figure it out

Is it true that Scalawags were white Southerners and Carpetbaggers were white Northerners who played major roles in the South?

carpetbagger- northerners who moved to the south and the south hated them beacuse they were like kicking them out scalawag- southern whites who supported the reconstrution Era

Which political party did southerners tend to support?

I would say Southern states nowadays are generally carried by the Republican party. However, in the late 19th and early 20th centuries the South tended to vote for the Democrats, who were ideologically different than today's Democratic party.

Were Carpetbaggers opportunistic Northerners who moved toward the South after the US Civil War?

Yes, carpetbaggers were opportunistic Northerners who moved to the South after the U.S. Civil War. They sought economic and political opportunities in the war-torn region, often profiting from the instability and reconstruction efforts. They were seen by many Southerners as exploitative outsiders.

How did southerners keep African Americans from political power?

They white southerners kept African Americans from political power is by creating Black codes

What changes in the political parties took place in the 1850 and 1840?

The slavery issue changed political parties. The Whig Party collapsed, divided between anti slavery Northerners and proslavery Southerners. With this split, a Democrat won the 1852 campaign for president. Some Whigs joined the new American party.

What political party is Tennessee republican or democratic?


Who were the Carpetgbaggers?

northerners who move south with carpetbags for political and financial advantage

What political party did northern immigrants and southern farmers generally vote for?


What are the two main political partiesof the US?

Democratic and Political

What part of Compromise of 1850 angered northerners to the point they abandoned Fillmore and brought an end to his political career?

The Fugitive Slave Law angered the Northerners a lot.