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The military is neutral, they serve the elected commander in chief.

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Q: Should the military be given any significant political influence?
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What group did not believe that the Church should have political influence?

The Puritans

Should the fighting industry be justified?

The term military/industrial complex was first coined by outgoing President Eisenhower, former WWII 4 star general and head of SHAEF, supreme commander of the army expeditionary forces in Europe. He had the knowledge from both the military and political side to know of what he spoke. Yes, the military industry is necessary to provide the best arms to our fighting forces. No, those same industries have and use political influence to guide spending decisions, which should best be made without them.

What level of government do you think should be charge of security from foreign enemies?

This should be a part of the military. They will have the best interest in their men and women instead of a political agenda.

The European philosopher whose ideas supported the theory of state sovereignty was?

Jean Bodin, a French political philosopher, is often credited with developing the concept of state sovereignty in the 16th century. Bodin argued that the sovereign authority of a state should be indivisible and absolute, enabling the state to make decisions without external interference. His ideas had a significant influence on the development of modern political theory and the idea of nation-states.

What factors should not influence Justices when they decide a case?

US Supreme Court Justices should not be influenced by Political pressure, popular opinion, or their own biases. They should only compare the case in the light of the US Constitution.

Should be the church interfere in the soccial political and economic issues?

A church should be devoid of any political interference. It should be self sustaining and self governing. This does not mean that its parishoners should not be involved in politics. All honest men should be aware of their countries political situation. The church should have no influence upon its members as to how they should vote except to vote for honest and just men and women.Answer:Yes. The church should, should we allow laws to be passed that are against the will of God. If more Christians stood up for their beliefs, the world would be a better place (in my opinion)

How should leaders make decisions about using military technologies?

National political leaders have the most serious external issue with regards to national defense. At all costs their nation must be able to be secure from external threats. National leaders and their military leaders and consultants should constantly meet and make sound decisions concerning national defense.

What is the relationship between political thought and political science?

Political thought refers to the ideas and theories that influence political systems and behaviors, while political science is the systematic study of politics and government. Political thought provides the theoretical framework for political science research and analysis, shaping the questions asked and methodologies used in the discipline. In turn, political science applies empirical methods to study political phenomena and test the validity of political thought.

Do you capitalize military in American military?

No, but you should capitalize American. If the specific branch of the military is named, it should be capitalized.

What are political views?

what you think the political issues should be about.

What do egalitarian people stand for?

Egalitarianism is the belief that all people deserve and should have equal rights across all areas. This includes economic, political, philosophical, religious, and military domains.

What was the core belief of the National Fascist Party of Italy?

that a government should take the form of a military Dictatorshipthat a government should take the form of a military dictatorship