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Q: Siege of Vicksburg was next to what body of water?
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Why was Grant the general Lincoln had been waiting for?

The general that Grant replaced, kept saying to Lincoln, "...I need this...before I conduct an attack...", next week, "...I need some more of those...before I conduct an attack..." a week later, "...I can't conduct an offensive until I get more of..." Then Grant arrived. Lincoln said to him, "when...?", Grant replied, we march at dawn!

What is the Depth of water needed to float an Aircraft Carrier?

Draught of vessel + clearance from bottom required + fall of tide (fall = depth of current tide minus depth of next low water)

Where did they get there dinking water in ww1 and World War 2?

Basically, they get there water from the wells but when the well is dry and there is no more water left, they have to collect up their 'mess' from the latrines and filter that so that they can drink it. most of the soldiers didnt want to do this and preferred to die of thirst until the next water supply came in. (p.s. im joking :D)

How many battles did Emperor Humayun fight?

Nasir ud-din Muhammad Humayun (1508-1556), the second emperor of the Mongol Empire,fought many battles through his life, some of the more importants events are the following:In 1513 he led an army and put siege to Kalinjar fortress, there wasn't battle there though, because he aceppted a rescue to finish the siege, due to the lack of fund in his Empire.Right after that, he marched to subdue Afghans in Bihar, which he defeated in 1532.That same year he defeated Sher Shah Suri's troops.He seized the fort of Chittor, forcing Bahadur Shar to flee. He and his troops continued marching subduing the fortress on Manfu and seizing cities like Cambay and Ahmedabad.He lost to Afghans in the Battle ofChausa, leaving him no option but to retreat to Agra, with only a few loyal followers.He lost to Afghans again in the Battle of Kanauj(1540), retreating this time to Punjab , and then to Sind, losing his kingdom.The sah of Persia offered him troops to retake his throne, and so he did:First, he seized Kandahar and Kabul. This last one was lost the next year by his brother's fault, so he recaptured it in 1549.In 1554, he fought his way to Peshawar, and seized Lahore the next year. He confirmed his victory in the Battle ofMacchiwara, and, in July of 1555 he recovered his throne in Delhi, after 15 years of exile.

In what area is Cambodia in?

Cambodia is in Indo China next to Lagos.

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Vicksburg is next to what river?

Vicksburg is on the Mississippi River.

What river is next to Vicksburg Mississippi?

The Mississippi River is next to Vicksburg, Mississippi.

What body of water is next to Albany?

Hudson river

What does a river or body of water dwell next to?

A river or bodie of dwells next to land . Every bodie of water is surrounded by land.

What body of water is next to northeastern states?

the Atlantic Ocean

What is the body of water next to Vietnam?

the South China Sea

What is a large body of water?

An ocean is the largest body of water. The next largest is called a sea.

What Poland Lithuania Latvia are next to this body of water?

The Baltic Sea.

Poland Lithuania Latvia are next to what body of water?

The Baltic Sea.

What is the large body of water next to shuyler falls ny?

your mamas ttt

What big body of water is New York City next to?

The Atlantic Ocean.

What is closet body of water next to Hawaii?

The Hawaiian islands are in the North pacific Ocean.