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"A rich man's war, but a poor man's fight."

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Q: The Civil War was believed by many in both the North and the South to be?
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Civil war simularites of north and south?

Both side were fighting for what they thought was right, and for what they wanted, and for what they believed in. Both sides lost a lot of solders.

Was there an economy for both north and south during the civil war?

yes the south agriculture the north industrial

What did the north and the south believe about the duration of the war at the beginning of the civil war?

Both sides were extremely self-confident, and believed that they would have a victory in a couple weeks or less.

3 What impact did the Civil War have on both the North and South?

impact on the south and north were many like the amenment .

What were some similarities that the south and north had during the civil war?

The South and North both elected their own governments. The North had Lincoln, while the South had elected Davis.

What did Steve biko and Nelson Mandela have in common?

Nelson Mandela and Steven Biko both believed in ending apartheid and bringing about civil rights and legal equality for black citizens of South Africa. They both believed that such a social...

How did the civil war affect both north and south?

Badly. Differently. Significantly.

What political similarities did the north and south have during the civil war?

they both have taxes

One disadvantage for both the north and the south during the civil war?

The north had very little knowledge of the south's land. The south had an extremely poor economy.

Which side lost the Civil War?

In both the Vietnam & US Civil War the south was the loser & the north was the victor.

What do the north and south have in common?

This depends on which north and south are under discussion the north and south of Ireland North Korea and South Korea North Vietnam and South Vietnam the North and South in the American civil war North Dakota and South Dakota .... and many more.

During the civil war what acts of protest occurred in both the north and south?

The draft