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They are also called the Nazis.

whoever wrote the above answer is a lad

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The National Socialist Party could refer to the German Nazis Party.

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Q: The National socialist party was also known as what?
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What army was Adolf Hitler the leader of?

The only army/paramilitary force that swore fealty to Hitler was the SS or Schutzstaffel. This was formed as the SA, or Sturmabteilung (also known as the stormtroopers) swore fealty to the NSDAP (Nazi Party), and the Wehrmacht (the German Military) was not a Nazi organization and swore loyalty to Germany -- Hitler knew that the Wehrmacht would overthrow him otherwise.

What did Eugene debs do during world war 1?

Debs was already a leader of the Socialist Party, and along with many of its members, opposed the war. He argued that it was a war of the upper class, and a war from the roots of imperial expansionism. He was imprisoned for 10 years for violating the Espionage Act, which forbade any antiwar sentiment, which he was also against.

Why is charley referred to as the enemy?

"Charlie" was a nickname for any member of the Vietnamese Communist Party, also know as the National Liberation Party. "Charlie" describes an individual or group and universally meant enemy to American forces.=== === This was shortened to VC, or phonetically, Victor Charlie, and lastly to just Charlie.Secondly, it also included the North Vietnamese Army and anyone else that was aggressively negotiating with hostile fire in country (Vietnam).

What was the Nyilas Party during the Holocaust?

The Nyilas Party, also called the Arrow Cross Party, was the Hungarian Nazi Party and ruled Hungary from October 1944-January 1945.

What the populists wanted?

They wanted the rich / upper class man to pay more taxes.

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Where were the Nazis from?

The Nazis came from the European country of Germany. The Nazi Party was also known as the National Socialist German Workers' Party.

What was the national socialist party known as?

They are also called the Nazis.whoever wrote the above answer is a lad

The nazi party was also known as?

The National German Socialist Workers party. (I know it's not NAZI but NGSW. Confusing, eh?)

Who came to power in Germany in 1933?

The National Socialist German Worker's Party, also known as the Nazi Party took over the German government in 1933. The head of the party, or Fuehrer, was Adolph Hitler.

The German national socialist were also called?

They are also called, and known for their belief in Nazism. They are Nazis.

What is the nazi movement?

The National Socialist German Working Party, also known as the Nazi Party, was a movement that became the government of Germany under Adolph Hitler. It was founded in 1919 and promoted German nationalism, anti-Semitism, and rejected the Treaty of Versailles.

What nation was established after the communist party came to power?

The U.S.S.R also known as the union of soviet socialist republics.

True or false The republic was also known as a socialist government?

Yes, a socialist government/state is sometimes also known as a socialist republic.

How many political parties are there in Scotland?

There are many. Here are the main 4. S.N.P. (Scottish National Party), Labour Party, Liberal Democratic Party and the Conservitive Party. There is also the Green Party and the Scottish Socialist Party.

What was the name of the group who persecuted the Jews?

The N.A.Z.I Party (Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei) or in English, the National Socialist German Workers' Party persecuted the Jews. They also persecuted any other race which the considered inferior to the racial standards that the leaders of the party set, believing in a (mythical) Aryan race. Equally if you objected to the party point of view you would be sent to the concentration camps regardless of your ethnicity. The national socialist party also persecuted the infirm, those with mental problems and disabled people.

Which party was converted into the Nazi party by Hitler?

The German Workers' Party was the German political party of National Socialism. It became the Nazi party when Hitler became its leader. The party was actually called the National Socialist German Workers' Party. Nazi is a nickname. the party is also sometimes called the NSDAP because of the German spelling of the party's name: Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter-Partei.

Is Luxembourg socialist?

Yes. The current parliament of of Luxembourg is a coalition of two socialist parties; the Christian Social Party (CSV) and the Socialist Party (LSAP).