The battle of gettysburgh

Updated: 8/22/2023
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The significance of the Battle of Gettysburg has been somewhat exaggerated by many historians. In fact, it was not a strategic turning point. Meade did thwart Lee's invasion of the North, as McClellan had done at Antietam the previous Autumn, thus preventing Lee from threatening civilian populations in the North, and forcing his retreat back to Virginia, from which he never ventured forth again. That said, possibly due to his troops' exhaustion and lacking a sufficient strategic reserve, Meade failed to follow up with a vigorous pursuit to cut Lee off, and, possibly, end the war. Instead, Lee withdrew in good order and, upon reaching the safety of Virginia, managed to wage a defensive campaign that prolonged the war for another 21 months. Its greatest significance may be that it provided the background for the Gettysburg Address.

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Was the turning point in the civil war.

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a battle for fun

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Q: The battle of gettysburgh
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Who was the union general in command of the battle of gettysburgh?

George Meade

What was the importance of the battle of gettysburgh?

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Where did General Kane want to be buried when he died?

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Gettysburg was a 3 day battle that happened by accident where 53,000 men died. It had no purpose other than one side winning.

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The address of the Lutheran Historical Society Gettysburgh is: 61 Seminary Ridge, Gettysburg, PA 17325

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