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The Civil War

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Q: The nature of federalism was changed forever by?
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The nature of federalism has changed over time with new demands that have tended toward a system where the state and national governments share many responsibilities?

cooperative federalism

What is a good sentence for federalism?

Federalism is the system of the government. A good sentence would be, the politics of federalism in the United States are being changed.

What are the major of the decentralize nature of political parties?


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The selfish nature of people to sustain on natural products have changed nature's ecosystem.

What is a good topic sentence for a civil war essay that compares and contrasts the advantages and disadvantages of both sides?

How about this? "The Civil War was the birthplace of technologies that changed the nature of warfare forever."

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The verb in the sentence is: changed

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How to get rid of guns forever?

Change the nature of people.

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What are four models of federalism?

The four models of federalism are command federalism, dual federalism, functional federalism and cooperative federalism. The United States uses the dual federalism model.

What statement accurately summarizes how federalism has changed over time in the US?

It has gradually made responsibilities of the state and federal government more separate (apex)

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