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Q: Was Kansas a free state during the Civil War?
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Explain how and why bleeding Kansas became a dress rehearsal for the Civil War?

The Kansas-Nebraska Act provided for each new state to vote whether to be slave or free. When Kansas became the first state to vote, every bully-boy in America descended on Kansas, to intmidate the voters, either one way or the other. It was called 'Bleeding Kansas'.

Was Nebraska a slave state?

Yes, the State Nebraska was organized after the kansas-nebraska compromise. The state was selected as a slave state to balance out the slave states and non slave states since Kansas chose to be a free state.

How did the kansas nebraska act affect the civil war?

I. Passage of the Kansas- Nebraska Act a. This act allowed the Kansas and Nebraska territories to decide whether they wanted slavery or not with popular sovereignty b. This created a struggle between the pro slavery and abolitionists c. Fought over whether the state should be free or not

What does jayhawk mean?

Jayhawk is a mythical bird, a combination of a Blue Jay and a Sparrow Hawk. Although the origins are not clear, it was first known to be used by a wagon train heading west through Kansas. During the "Bleeding Kansas" days the Jayhawk became the name for vigilantes / freedom fighters working to make Kansas a free state. When the civil war broke out the first regiment of calvary created by Kansas was known as the Jayhawks. Later the term Jayhawk referred to people in the state. When the University of Kansas was created, they chose the name Jayhawk as their mascot. Today a Jayhawk is commonly used to refer to a student, alumni or fan of the University of Kansas.

What does bleeding kansas refer to?

Bleeding Kansas refers to a period of time when the border area of Kansas and Missouri were in chaos. Missouri was a slave state and Kansas was a free state. Many Kansans did their best to free as many slaves as possible. Among them was John Brown.