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Kentucky was one of the Border States - slave-states that had narrowly voted against joining the Confederacy, but clearly still at risk of doing so. Lincoln was so sensitive about this that he allowed Kentucky to stay neutral for the first year of the war.

In 1862, the Confederates invaded the state, and their commander, Braxton Bragg, was able to set up a Southern government there. At this point, the Confederates sewed a twelfth star into their flag, representing Kentucky.

However, this government collapsed as soon as Bragg retreated, and Kentucky finally, if reluctantly, declared for the Union.

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Kentucky stayed neutral during and after the war

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No it was a border state!

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Q: Was Kentucky in the confederacy
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State that initially joined the confederacy?


Where was future President of the Confederacy Jefferson Davis born?


What border states those sympathetic to the Confederacy did not secede?

Kentucky and Missouri

Which southern states did not join the confederacy?

Kentucky, Missouri, Maryland, Delaware.

Neutral states in the civil war?

Kentucky did not secede to the confederacy; for a time, it declared itself neutral

Who fought for both the union and the confederacy?

Conflicting groups in Missouri, and a few in Kentucky.

Which states were sympatheic to the Confederacy but remained in the Union?

Kentucky, Missouri, Maryland, Delaware

How did the Union make salt less available to the Confederacy?

The Union made a concerted effort to assault all sources of salt used by the Confederacy. As an example, the Confederacy used salt works in neutral Kentucky. In 1862 the Union destroyed the Goose Creek Salt works near Manchester Kentucky.

Who was president of the confederasy?

Jefferson Davis, a native of Kentucky, was President of the Confederacy. United States President Abrahan Lincoln was also born in Kentucky!

Who led the Battle of Mill Springs at Nancy Kentucky?

George B. Crittenden led the Battle of Mill Springs in Nancy, Kentucky for the Confederacy.

What 2 states did the Confederacy want to join them?

The Northern slave-states of Kentucky and Missouri.

Why was preventing Kentucky from joining the Confederacy a difficult task?

It was tempting for many Kentuckians to join the Confederacy. It was a slave state with a long southern border with the Confederate state of Tennessee. Also, about one half of the legislature was in favor of the Confederacy. To make things worse, not a single county within Kentucky was won by Abraham Lincoln.