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Hollywood sensationalism. Example: Hollywood director Stanley Kubrick filmed "Full Metal Jacket" with a female enemy sniper in it (the NVA used females as auxiliaries, the same as the US/allies did during the 20th century) & the pessimism filled film "Paths of Glory" starring Kirk Douglas (father of actor Michael Douglas). Kubrick nearly sci-fied war films with a touch of pessimistic imagination. Say it enough times and people believe it.

Soviet (Russian) snipers killed many German military men during WWII. But they were not officially used by the Americans, German, Japanese, British, or Australians during that war. Nor the Korean or Vietnam Wars. Officially meaning uniformed/assigned military snipers.

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In the free world political correctness was practiced from the 1990s to the present and in Hollywood (film: Full Metal Jacket). In the Vietnam War all bullets fired at GIs from individual riflemen were considered "snipers." The radio call would sound similar to , "...we 're taking sniper fire from GC 123456...over!" Communist countries have used female snipers since at least WWII (Russia primarily). Officially, the US Army & North Vietnamese Army used only men in their fighting units. Women in both the USA & NVA used females as auxiliaries (WACs in the US Army).

Secondly, actual trained & designated NVA snipers (using M91 Mosin-Nagant rifles w/PU or PE 3 1/2 to 4 pwer scopes) recieved 3 months training (compared to a US Army snipers 3 weeks) and were organized into sniper companies consisting of 3 platoons and a headquarters section.

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During the Vietnam war, female USMC soldiers were not sent into combat. Sniper is a combat position, hence there were no female USMC snipers during the Vietnam war.

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This is still unknown, because there were apparently some North Vietnamese snipers who were female, and the number of these is unclear.

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Q: Were there women snipers in the Vietnam war?
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Yes, but unlike the Vietnam War, snipers in the Civil War were often referred to as Sharpshooters.

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There is no definitive answer to the exact number of snipers in the Vietnam War. However, it is estimated that both the United States and the North Vietnamese Army employed hundreds of snipers throughout the conflict.

Was a sniper used in the Civil War?

Yes, but unlike the Vietnam War, snipers in the Civil War were often referred to as "Sharpshooters."

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Did the marine snipers use hollow point rounds in Vietnam?

Officially, like the US Army snipers which used "Match" full metal jacketed bullets in their XM-21s (M14 US Rifles) in Vietnam, the Corps was also governed by the Geneva rules of war.

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How did Russian women participate in World War 2?

They flew airplanes, became snipers, and served in combat.

Did the Vietnamese have snipers during the Vietnam war?

Of course you mean North Vietnamese Army, correct? Yes, the NVA utilized snipers, normally armed with a scoped Model 1891 Mosin-Nagant bolt action rifle.

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This question has been in the question pool for a while so I decided I would try to find an answer for you. I found some Ukrainian Russian women who were snipers in World War 2. It is on the link below.

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The statue represents the US Military Nurses that served in the Vietnam War. The roles of women during the Vietnam War, were the same as portrayed during the Korean War (see films: MASH), WWII, and World War I.

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