What caused the Cold War?

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The Cold War was caused by a number of factors. The Soviet Union did not trust the United States even though it needed US help to survive World War II. Part of that is because the US invaded the Soviet Union in 1919-1920. Part of that is that Stalin did not trust the US not to use nuclear weapons on them. The Soviets took a large part of Eastern Europe after WW2 as a buffer zone. The US countered by building NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization. The Soviets countered with the Warsaw Pact. Both sides spied on each other but kept it short of war. Things got very tense a number of times such as the Berlin Airlift, Korean War, Vietnam War, and the Cuban Missile Crisis. The US did not like Soviet missiles in Cuba, but the US did have missiles in Turkey. Finally the economic cost of the Soviets propping up Cuba and spending so much on defense broke the Soviets economically. The Berlin Wall fell and the Soviet Union fell apart.

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Q: What caused the Cold War?
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