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idk i'm looking for the answer to that for a stupid project in U.S. History. i hate it

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Q: What did the Yankee's do during the civil war?
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Fought against the Yankees during civil war?


What where northerns known during the the civil war?

The Yankees - or "Bluebelly".

Was New York divided during the Civil War?

during the civil war, teams were divided into: mets yankees giants dodgers.

Civil war abc book letters that start with Y?

Yankees (means northerner during the civil war)

What were the soldiers from the south called during the civil war?

they were called Yankees

What was a nickname for the north during the civil war?

The Union. The Federals. The Yankees.

What was the name of the North's side during the US Civil War?

The Union or the Yankees.

What was used during the civil war?

US, Northerners, Yankees, Blue Coats.

How many Yankees died in the American Civil War?

Approximately 360,000 Union soldiers died during the American Civil War.

What war did the Yankees fight in?

Yankee is a term given to people who fought for the North during the civil war.

What are Yankees?

northerners during the american civil war. also the new york yankees a major league baseball team

What did the Yankees do in the Civil War?

There was no New York Yankees in the civil war. They were invented in the early 1900's.