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Q: What french leader wanted to punish Germany?
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Did the leaders want to punish Germany after World War 1?

The people that were left wanted to punish Germany

Who wanted to punish Germany for ww1?

France wanted to punish Germany the hardest. Britain didnt want to punish them bad they wanted germany to have a quick recover because they're a trading countrie. Hope that helps, One love Representing Triple Bezz 3B'z J.K sWeeTfEeT

Which two countries wanted to punish Germany in ww1?

Britain, and mainly France

What did each leader hope to achieve at the Versailles Peace conference?

clemenceau wanted to cripple germany because of all they had done to france in the past. wilson wanted to create peace within europe and establish a league of nations. lloyd-george wanted to punish germany to please the british public, but didn't want to cripple them because he still wanted the british trade with germany to continue and didn't want germany to seek revenge and start another war.

How did nationalism contribute to the french desire to retake the alsace-lorriane?

the french wanted to remove German from the land Germany had taken in war

What did Georges clemenceau want to achieve?

His aim was to literally crush Germany to pieces. He wanted to punish them harshly because of all the damage they had caused. He wanted Germany to be split up in to smaller countries. He wanted to make sure that Germany wouldn't do anything alike in the future, he also wanted the German Frontier to be pushed back to the Rhineland (Although it was rejected), giving France a lot more land. He was with the French public and supported the severe punishment of Germany...

What were Lloyd george's aims at the peace Paris conference?

He wanted to punish Germany but not to hard as that would cause war in the future. Although the british people wanted to be harsh against Germany

What were Lloyd george's aims at the paris peace conferance?

He wanted to punish Germany but not to hard as that would cause war in the future. Although the british people wanted to be harsh against Germany

What country wanted Germany to accept the blame and pay for for World War 1 at the signing of the Treaty of Versailles?

First there was the big three which were the French, the British and the Americans. The Americans wanted to spare Germany but the French didn't. They wanted to strip Germany of everything that they had so that they would never be able to fight another war again. The British weren't really on any side. They were just in the middle. They didn't believe that Germany deserved such punishment but they also didn't believe that nothing should be done. To answer the question, it was the French that wanted Germany to be blamed for the world war. This was because if they weren't to blame, then they wouldn't be able to punish them.

Why did Clemenceau want the Treaty of Versailles to punish Germany severely?

Clemenceau wanted to punish Germany serverly because george clemenceau was the leader of France at the treaty of Versailles, and most of the war was fought in France, leaving an area the size of wales destroyed.also Clemenceau was fuming at what he was left with so wanted Germany to suffer as much as possible to get his own back on Germany.

Who was the british leader who wanted to give Germany what they wanted?

If you mean the British leader in the treaty of Versailles/throughout WW1 it would be David Lloyd George

What two big four countries wanted to PUNISH Germany?

Great Britain, France, Russia, the USA entered in 1941