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Jehovah witnesses as well as other people religions

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Q: What group wore the purple triangle in the Holocaust camps?
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Was Mauthausen a labor camp during the Holocaust?

Mauthausen was a group of exceptionally harsh concentration camps in Austria. (Other well known camps in the group included Ebensee and Gusen).

Were Jews branded or Tattooed in the Holocaust?

Jews selected for work at the Auschwitz group of camps were registered and tattooed. This was not done at other camps and they were not branded.

Before launching the Holocaust the Nazis used the media to describe the Jews as filthy rats who needed to be exterminated. After the Holocaust began Jews were often shipped to extermination camps in?

dehumanizing a group of people

Before launching the holocaust the Nazis used the media to described the Jews as filthy rats who needed to be exterminated after the holocaust began Jews were often shipped to extermination camps in c?

dehumanizing a group of people

Why did the holocaust die in the holocaust?

They died because of the concentration camps that Hitler and his Nazi group put them in.

Did Hitler kill Jehovahs witnesses?

Hitler did kill Jehovah's Witnesses, not just Jews. In the concentration camps Jehovah's Witnesses had to wear a purple triangle, similarly, Jews wore the star of David.

What group of people were persecuted by the Nazi's because they refused to salute flags or raise their arms to Heil Hitler and were marked with a purple triangle?

Jehovah's Witnesses

What were some infamous camps in the holocaust and why?

Chelmno - because only two people survived from the camp. Auschwitz - was the largest camp (group) and produced the most victims. Treblinka - the busiest of the 'Action Reinhardt' camps and the one that most of the Warsaw ghetto would meet their end in.

Did Austria have Nazi extermination camps?

No, but it had the Mauthausen group of camps.

What atrocities happened in conentrationcamp during the holocaust?

Many awful things happened during the holocaust. For example there were 3 groups of people in the camps, 2 were the regular ones who go in the camps, but the 3r group was a medical group which the Nazis tested thing on them. Like seeing how far you can stretch them until they rip, or doing brain surgery as they were awake, and many for awful things.

What demographic of people where targeted in the Holocaust?

The Holocaust did not discriminate by age group.

What was the nazi death camps?

Auschwitz-Birkenau (the Auschwitz group of camps).