What is arguable?

Updated: 4/28/2022
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Q: What is arguable?
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Who was the main u.s. general during world war 2?

It would be of 3 men General Eisenhower, General Montgomery or General Patton even though he was seen as a bit of a rebel still led the American army towards Berlin during the war but I would go with Patton still since he was able to move the army so quickly through France towards Germany.

What did the US do about European relations after World War 1?

When the United States first entered the WWI, President Woodrow Wilson called it "the war to end all wars". Since the civil war, America had been quite isolationist, refusing to engage in overseas wars (except for the brief Mexican and Spanish-American wars), or join "entangling alliances" (Thomas Jefferson). After the atrocities of WWI, the majority of Americans regretted ever joining the war and resumed their isolationist policy (This is why the Senate did not ratify the treaty of Versailles or join the league of nations, despite Wilson's urging them to. It is even arguable that this is why the United States joined WWII so late). After World War I, the United states stayed as far as possible from European affairs.

Can Governments be justified in censoring war news?

This is an arguable point, but generally the answer is 'yes'. Governments can be justified in censoring war news if that news might in some way help the enemy or endanger the nation's soldiers and citizens. For example, after the Pearl Harbor attack in 1941, the government censored the exact number of casualties and part of the list of ships destroyed. That information might have been used to help Japan decide whether or not another air strike was worthwhile. One of the biggest stories of World War II was continuously censored for two years -- the Manhattan (atomic bomb) Project. At other times, governments have gone much too far in censoring news. They have tried to keep all war news away from their citizens in an effort to keep people from being anti-war. This was common in World War I. Both sides hid the full death totals at various times.

Different opinions on why Germany lost World War 1?

cuz Germany SUKED!!!!!!! THEY HAD SCREWING HITLER!!!!!!!!!!!! :(:(:(:(:( ... *sigh* Regards the above answer. Germany did not lose WW1 because of Hitler. He was in the German Army at the time, but was in power during the second world war. Way to generalize all of Germany by shouting 'Hitler' at us. The German people were tired of the stalemate,the massive loss of life and the hardships from the cutbacks at home to supply the army.. Also the war was bankrupting the country. So the populace pressured the government to capitulate. These were the main causes the Germans surrendered. On the battlefield it is arguable to say they were holding their own. Hitler and a lot of the hardcore soldiers blamed the Jews and the Communists for forcing the capitulation. FYI Hitler was a decorated soldier winning the Iron Cross twice.Ironically it was Jewish officers that recommended him for the honor! What Germany lost was pride. They were limited to how large a standing army they could have, how many aircraft, size of ships, returning land they captured and paying reparations to the Allies. When Germany,under Hitler, defeated France at the onset of WWII they forced the French to sign the instrument of surrender at the same place and in the same rail car as the surrender papers Germany signed ending WWI

Countries Britain has been at war with?

In my view every single country in the world apart from the following: Burundi,Cape Verde,Dominican Republic,French Southern Territories,Guinea-Bissau Macedonia,Northern Mariana Islands,Sao Tome And Principe,United States Minor Outlying Islands,Western Sahara. This is an indirect answer however, since this does take into account the following: 1) previous sovereignty by third parties of land now sovereign itself. 2)attempted seizures 3)established bases 4)engagements within territories against third parties. 5)wars of independence against third parties backed by the government. 6)dominions, condominiums, colonies, mandates, occupations,invasions,civil wars,conflicts,dependencies,discovery naming and exploration,raids,indirect invasion by association, low intensity war,NATO actions,protectorates, peacekeeping,declarations of war,territories,gunboat diplomacy.Revolutionary support acts, militarily aided humanitarian aid,rescue missions and claims. 7)arguable incidences of informal empire by preference of trade, investment, property and industry backed by military assistance or threat. 8)Major incidents not resulting in war but with diplomatic victory. 9)Territories by association. The reason I have listed all of these is that native populations,lands, third parties, sovereignty or economies have all at one time or another been directly or indirectly affected by these "actions". Perhaps this is not a very good answer but there we are.

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There should be no minimum voting age.Which statement about the claim is trueA) it is defensible but not arguableB) it is both arguable and defensibleC) it is neither arguable nor defensibleD) It is arguable but not defensible?

Ans) D. It is arguable but not defensible. -Apex

Can you write a sentence with the word arguable?

How about That is an arguable statment. ? Does that make sense? That's my answer, anyway.

What is arguable statement?


What is an arguable statement?


Is arguable a noun?


What is an arguable thesis?

An arguable thesis is a statement that presents a clear position on an issue or topic that is open to debate or interpretation. It typically takes a stance that can be supported or refuted with evidence and reasoning. A strong arguable thesis will challenge the reader to consider different perspectives and engage in critical thinking.

Who is the zombie in tangerine?

No one really knows. It is arguable

Is there would be no kill shelters an arguable topic?


What chapter does orochimaru die?

arguable he doesnt die.

What is the definition arguable?

Something that is arguable is open to debate or dispute. It suggests that there are different viewpoints or perspectives that could be presented to support different conclusions or interpretations.

What is Censorship in photography?

It is the banning of pictures that display arguable content.

What is the name of Harry Potter's enmeys?

Tom Riddle Draco Malfoy and othe Slytherin students Lucius Malfoy and other Death-Eaters Severus Snape (arguable) Voldemort Dolores Umbridge (not arguable)