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He never said. He did not like to play sports much though.

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Q: What is hitlers favourite game?
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What was hitlers favourite TV show?

two and a half men

What was Adolf Hitlers favourite cake?

The all famous Auschwitz

What was Adolf Hitler's favorite color?

Adolf Hitler's favorite color was red and black

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Your game why is online and What favourite?

What was the name of the best plane in Germany for World War 2?

the answer to this question could be found on google but iwill still answer it it was hitlers favourite AERO A.304

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What did Albert Speer achieve for the Nazi regime?

Albert Speer was Hitlers architect and German minister for Armaments from 1942 to 1945. Albert Apeer was one of Hitlers favourite people and both enjoyed eachothers company greatly as they both had architecture in common. Albert Speer joined the NAZI party in 1931 and 1934 Speer became Hitlers personal architect.

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