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The history books say its because of SLavery, however, I have done much extensive research and have come to the conclusion that it was over tax, trade, and govern,ment control. What I have researched I have found that we can compare the Union to King George who waged war against the COntinentals in the year 1776. The Union would deploy militias without reason or in times of peace which angered. in 1860 when Lincoln was elected he put to work the Morrill Tarrif which rasied the federal tax by up to 47%. This angered many southerners because prior to the seccession they were 30% of the population however was paying 80% of the taxes. They were also not allowed to trade freely with Britain and instead were forced to give all their goods to Northern Industryy. They were also not represented in the votes for taxes and laws which is a Constitutional right. HWen war broke out nothign had to do with slavery, Lincoln did it[emancipation proclomation] as a political measure to ensure more blacks would join the union. Lincoln actually did not like Black people. he said many times in speeches that he was pro segregation and supported "white suppremacy". However on the Confederacy the majority of Generals such as General Robert E. Lee opposed slavery. on the Union side the majority of Generals such as Grant and Sherman made much mopney of of the slave trade and from research ive found that they actually killed their own slaves. Lee said "slavery is a social and a political evil" Jefferson Davis actually adpoted a black child as his son, go to Google or and look up Kim Limber Davis, some will say, black child in the confederate White House or something along the lines of that. But the point im making is the war was not over slavery at the outbreak of the American Civil War only 6% of all southerners owned slaves, those masters included small amounts of Mexicans, Jews blacks whites native Americans and so on, so the history books never told the whole story, I always suspected that the 9 paragraph exert was not the whole thng and I found out there was more to it than what history depicts. I entice you to do your own research and decide for yourself. but this is what all the information and documents ive read point to. I believce that the COnfederacy had the right to fight, the Decleration of Independence (1776) sats if a power is oppresing you it i your duty and right to separate and frm one to protect your rights. See the books say that the reason southern economy failed was because slavery was eliminated, however this is not so. there were two factors of why the South econoimy failed. 1-Reconstuction, 2-heavy heavy taxation. When Sherman's raid caame through on the march to Savannah, they burned everything, they burned a large portion of the SOuth. after the war when they rebuilt the south, the federal government TAXED TAXED AND TAXED, to ensure the economy would fall, then they[government] lowered the price of cotton to where no profit ws made for the south, and all was made for the North. I am not condeming the entire north but I am condeming how corrupt the majority of them were. Destruction and lies have degraded the reputation of the South. muchy of Civil War history is Northern Bias, they will never metion the BLack Confederates, Cherokee COnfederates, and free blacks in the SOuth, they never mention Grant and Sherman's slave killing ways, and they never mention Lincoln's racism towards blacks, anyways, I hope you find my post educational and good,


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Q: What is the basis in which S.C. seceeded from the union in 1861 and the results of this action?
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Did Michigan secede in the 1800s?

Michigan never seceeded; it was a Union state

What did the south form when they seceeded from the union?

A notional new country - the Confederate States of America.

When did the seceeded states return to the union?

They returned in 1867. Although the Civil War ended in 1865.

When was the Alabama state flag created?

The first Alabama state flag was created in January, 1861, when the state seceeded from the Union. The current flag, the crimson cross, was created in 1895.

What were the states left after the Civil War?

All of them. The states that had seceeded were all readmitted to the Union. In addition, West Virginia and Nevada were added during the war.

When was Union for Democratic Action created?

Union for Democratic Action was created in 1941.

When did Union for Democratic Action end?

Union for Democratic Action ended in 1946.

Lincolns famous proclamtion?

His most noted proclamation was the Emancipation Proclamation, ending slavery in the states that had seceeded. (Not in the states still in the Union. I assume you mean that and not the Gettysburg Address, his most famous speech.

Why did some southern states want to withdraw from the Union?

The North and South were arguing about the existance of slavery, and Abraham Lincoln was elected president. He was anti-slavery, and abolishing slavery would destroy the South's slave based economy (cotton). They seceeded from the Union to keep their slaves.

What was an argument used by South Carolina in support of the idea the secession was fair?

States joined the Union on a voluntary basis.

What was the basis for the union of west and east Pakistan?


What was the of states in the confederate of America?

The southern states:South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, loisiana, and Texas seceeded from the union and went to Montgomery, Alabama and formed the confederate states of America. They elected Jefferson Davis as the president