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Between 1941 and 1945, around 6 million European Jews were murdered during the Holocaust which was the genocide during World War II and this is in consanguinity with the form of deflecting the acts of criticism from the actions of the Nazi Leadership in Germany, by swindling the German community and deluding international public portraying a sense of foreign aggression from the Jews.

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Q: What is the relationship between how Jews were portrayed to the public and their persecution during the Holocaust?
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Similarly differences between ghettos Holocaust?

there is nonegettos were in the holocaust to hold Jews before they go to concentration camps

What are the similarties between early Indian removal and the trial of tears with the Nazi Holocaust?

The leaders of both the holocaust and the Indian removal act both had bad childhoods.

What links are there between Australia and the Holocaust?

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What is the relationship between the holocaust and the world war 2?

The Holocaust in the sense of systematic genocide began in 1941, when the war in Europe had already been under way for two years. Other groups were also targeted.The Holocaust, or systematic destruction of peoples which the Nazis considered undesirable, occurred in all areas the Germans captured during World War 2. It was a kind of subplot within the war.If you are trying to establish a cause/effect relationship between WW2 and the Holocaust, I think you will have trouble doing so. The Holocaust did not lead to World War 2, and it was not one of the causes of the war. Similarly, World War 2 did not cause the Holocaust.The German invasion of Poland and later of the Soviet Union did, of course, lead to a vast increase in the numbers of Jews under German rule and added to the Nazis' self-inflicted 'Jewish problem'. One may, of course, also take the view that the Nazis exploited the wartime inaccessibility of Eastern Europe to the outside world when carrying out the Holocaust, but that is not a cause-effect link.Rate This Answer_______________________________Holocaust study is full of different opinions and an alternative is:The Holocaust would not have happened without WWII, more specific than that; the trigger for the Holocaust was the invasion of the Soviet Union, without this there would not have been a need for a 'Final Solution' which included mass murder, into 1942 and the Wannsee Conference sterilisation was still a popular choice, without the pressures of war this may have held.Though Hitler may have blamed the start of the war on the Jews, the Jewish issue had nothing to do with the war.

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The relationship between federal and state governments is dynamic and is affected by the policies of the president and of Congress

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Explain the relationship between fascism and the holocaust?

Fascism was the ideology that played a pivotal role in the rise of Nazi Germany and the Holocaust. The Holocaust was the systematic genocide carried out by the Nazis, in which approximately six million Jews were murdered, along with millions of other victims, including Romani people, disabled individuals, and political dissidents. The fascist ideology of the Nazis, characterized by extreme nationalism, authoritarianism, and racial purity, laid the groundwork for the dehumanization, persecution, and ultimately the extermination of targeted groups during the Holocaust.

What is the relationship between Fascism and Holocaust?

nothing really, you could say that Nazism was supported [in the early years] by the Fascists. But the Fascist states did not support what the Nazis were doing in the Holocaust.

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In popular television programs and movies, the relationship between police and the public is often portrayed in a positive light, with police portrayed as heroes. However, in news media, there is often coverage of instances of police misconduct and abuses of power, which can lead to a more critical portrayal of this relationship. Overall, the depiction can vary based on the context and perspective presented in each type of media.

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What was the time of Jewish persecution during Hitler's Reich called?

The Holocaust. It was not only a time of Jewish persecution, but of gypsies, every person who stood up for those being persecuted, anyone who was different, and anyone not of the "Arian Race," which was blue-eyed and blonde haired. People often forget that it was not just 6 million Jews who died, but every other innocent person. It is estimated that between 11 million and 17 million people died in the Holocaust.

When capitalized Holocaust refers specifically to the destruction of Jews and other Europeans by the Nazis and may also encompass the Nazi persecution of Jews that preceded the outbreak of the war?

When capitalized, as the Holocaust, the term refers quite specifically to the Nazi genocide of the Jews. This began in 1941. The two dates preferred for the start are either 8 December 1941, when routine mass gassings of Jews began at Chelmno, or 25 June 1941 when the Nazi mobile killing squads went into action in Lithuania. The term was consciously chosen in preference to the earlier term Final Solution [of the Jewish Question], which was the Nazis' own term. The holocaust with a small 'h' often refers to the wider Nazi killings on the basis of group identity. (Please see related question). The period of persecution that preceded the Holocaust is not normally included in the Holocaust. There is, after all, a difference between persecution and mass murder or genocide. In late 1941 the great majority of Jews in Nazi held territory were still alive, but two years later most were dead.

Did the Holocaust happen in Florida?

No. The Holocaust took place in Europe between 1941 and 1945.

Similarities between Holocaust and apartheid?


How many centuries passed between Rome's first persecution of christians and empire wide persecution?

Approximately three centuries

How was the creation of the state of Israel affected by the events of the holocaust?

The relationship between the Holocaust and the creation of the state of Israel is more complex than is often suggested. The Holocaust was one significant factor. Another was the British Mandate to rule the area was due to expire anyway in 1948 and the United Nations had to make a decision about its future.

When were the Jew's saved from the Holocaust?

Generally they would have been saved during the Holocaust, assuming that you are asking when Holocaust victims were saved from the Holocaust.

How did the Holocaust lead to decolonization?

There is no link between the two, unless you are confusing the Holocaust with World War 2.