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alot of things stayed the same actually,, when i say alot i mean alot!! not many things changed after ww1 so there is yourt answer xx :) shocking isnt it :)

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what do you think

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nothing everything changed

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Q: What things stayed the same after world war 1?
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What are the things that stayed the same in war at sea in World War 1 and World War 2?

troop transports, hospital ships, mining of harbours, underwater demolition

Has the ANZAC meaning changed or stayed the same since World War 1?

it has stayed the same because it is a remembrance day of those who died for us!

What are the similarities of World War 1 and World War 1i?

ica stayed relatively mutual in both wars until a certain stage when they had to take arms. They only did this as a last resort in both conflicts. Also, roughly the same countries fought in each war and they generally stayed with their origional alliances.

Who stayed in World War 2 the longest?

The Germans.

How did womens lives and their role in society stay the same after World War 2?

they stayed at home and finished cooking with the post man

Who killed them World War 2?

The ones who stayed alive

What did ladies do during World War 2?

Stayed in the kitchen.

Did Hitler go to London for World War 2?

No, he stayed at home.

Where do women go during World War 2?

They stayed at home.

What did the Irish do in World War 2?

Ireland stayed a neutral country.

What country stayed officially neutral during World War 1 and World War 2?

Switzerland,Sweden and Spain

What do girls do at school in world war 1?

Probably the same things they did during World War 2: Listen to their teacher and learn stuff.