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World War II is said to have pulled us out of the Depression because we supplied our allies with war materials, which created jobs and jump started our economy. Therefore, people believe the war helped end the Depression.

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Q: What war pulled the US out of depression?
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How did the US get out of the depression?

The needs of World War 2 created jobs that pulled the country out of the depression.

What event pulled the US out of the great depression?

War economy- World War II

WHY was the World War 2 a good thing for US?

it pulled the US out of the great depression

How did World War 2 benefit us economy?

It pulled us out of the Great Depression. With nearly every American either fighting in the war or working in factories for the war effort, the war brought us out of the Depression.

Why did Canada not go into depression after World War 2?

Not sure why Canada would have fallen into a depression after the war when it was that very war that pulled the world (particularly the US) out of the depression. Canada's economy and the U.S. economy have always been tightly linked so when the U.S. was suffering under the depression in the 1930s, Canada's economy suffered as well. When the war pulled the U.S. out of the depression, its largest trading partner, Canada, flourished along with it.

Which country's economy was not destroyed of world war 2?

WW2 not only didn't hurt the US's economy, it actually pulled us out of the Great Depression.

How did World War 1affect the US economy?

World War 1 pulled the United States out of the Great Depression. The need for military supplies resulted in an increasing demand for workers with all the extra jobs.

Were the Americans and Europeans allies in World War 2?

America remained isolated from the conflict until the UK asked for assistance. The US helped to fund the UK's war effort which pulled the US out of 'The Great Depression'. After this proved not to be enough, the US entered the war and eventually brought the Allies to victory.

What was post world war 2 prosperity based on?

war production during the war helped industry and pulled nations out of the Great Depression.

How does the war affect the us economy?

Technology developed during the war was used for consumer products.

Why did US not go into depression after world war 2?

I think we didn't go into a depression because we loaned weapons to the Allies during the beginning of world war 2. The money we received after the war kept us out of a depression.

Why did technology get the us out of the Great Depression?

Technology did not get the US out of the Great Depression. World War II is what got the United States out of the Great Depression because of all the jobs that were created with prepping for the war.