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hitlers kill streak is atually 17,999,998

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nice ty!
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u sure?
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i got higher lol
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light work no reaction ( something slight ) - bet i can beat that
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Q: What was Hitlers highest killstreak?
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What is hitlers killstreak?

He was the master of Battlefield 3

What is the highest killstreak reward on black ops?

Attack Dogs and the Gunship are both the highest killstreak reward at 11 kills.

What is the highest killstreak in MW2?


How do you see your highest killstreak in Black ops 2?

you can't :(

What is the highest killstreak ever on Black Ops?

11 killstreaks: attack dogs or gunship

What is the highest killstreak award on black ops?

The joint highest killstreaks are helicopter Gunship and Attack Dogs both on 11 kills.

What is the highest killstreak possible in Call Of Duty Black Ops?

It is 11 it is either attack dogs or a gunship

What is the highest killstreak in halo?

The highest killstreak would be the amount of kills you can get on that match

How do you get a 100 killstreak?

Get a 100 killstreak

What is the highest killstreak you can get on Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare?

Well, in CoD4 killstreak rewards end with a helicopter after 7 kills. The highest scored by a person ever, I do not know. It is hard to tell as many players glitch, hack or cheat the game and therefore you cannot use their numbers as a basis for information. My highest killstreak is 27, and it stopped there because the game ended. I was 27-0 with the potential to keep going, so it is tough to say what the highest killstreaks are. But there are people with 40-50 killstreaks.

Is a UAV a 4 killstreak on MW2?

NOPE! It's a 3 killstreak.

In modern warfare 2 if i get the harrier and then I'm killed but when i respawn the harrier is still up and getting kills do those kills count towards my killstreak to get my killstreak rewards?

no, a killstreak stop when you die and the kills that your harrier do will not count in your next killstreak