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During World War II, the length of the Eastern Front, where Germany and its allies waged direct war against the Soviet Union from 1941 to 1945, varied greatly at each stage of the war. Initially, the front line stretched from the edge of the Baltic Sea in East Prussia to the Black Sea, approximately 700 miles. In the next year, the front stretched from Leningrad in the north to the Caucasus Mountains in the south -- over 1200 miles. (At the same time, Finland was waging war as an ally of Germany along its 700 mile-long border with the U.S.S.R.) The front line shortened gradually as Soviet troops advanced into eastern Europe in 1944 and 1945.

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Q: What was the length of the eastern front in world war 2?
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Who were the eastern front in world war 2?

The Eastern Front of World War Two was in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe.

When did Eastern Front - World War II - happen?

Eastern Front - World War II - happened on 1941-06-22.

What was it like to fight on the eastern battle front in World War I?

Read "Silence on the Western Front" While it is a boo about the western front, it is very similar to the eastern, and the best book out there about war during World War 1.

Where did they have World War 1?

The war was fought at the eastern and western front. The Eastern front was fought between Germany and Russia The western front was fought against Germany and the allies on the eastern side of France

Which country became the eastern front of world war 2?

THe Eastern Front was the German border with what was then the Soviet Union. Phil

What wars were in World War 1?

The Western front; The Balkan front; The Eastern front; The war against Turkey in Iraq & Palestine & the war in East Africa

The main fronts in world war 1 were in?

The main fronts in World War I were in France and in Russia. The Western Front was in France and the Eastern Front was in Russia.

What was the name of the Germany v Britain front in World War 1?

Simple answer: the Eastern Front

Why did World War 1 end on the eastern front before it did on the western front?

cuz they won

Why did the US win the war on the Eastern Front?

What war on the Eastern Front? If you are referring to World War 2, the US had very limited involvement on the Eastern Front, that was the area that Germany and Russia were fighting. The US provided weapons and supplies in rather limited quantities to the Russians.

What country did France fight in world war 1?

Germany on the western front and turkey on the eastern front

What was the name given to battle lines between Russia and Germany during World War 1?

Eastern Front, which took place in Central and Eastern Europe.