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Because barbed wire made an obsticle to movement. Clothing & equipment would become entangled and need to be freed to allow attacking forces to get to grips with the enemy. If a Russian got caught in the barbed wire he would most likely scream, so they would know he was there. Warfare had changed since the Generals were in Staff College and the Artillery Shell and the Machine Gun reaped terrible harvests. I'm not suggesting that artillery & machine guns were new to warfare, they were not, just that their improvement was unrecognised or appreciated. The idea of charging across no mans land armed with nothing but a bayonet. well, someone thought it was a viable prospect, but then he sat on a horse & drank brandy and thought himself important. One backfire to it was that if a rabbit or other small creature got stuck and started to screech they would blow it to shreds for no reason, therefore wasting their ammo. The soldiers would tell the commander of general that "They got bored after 4 days with nothing to shoot"

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The reason for using barbed wire has remained the same, whenever and wherever it's been used - to create an obstacle, a barrier. String it out, and anyone coming that way will either be slowed down or stopped outright.

In war time, this give the people on the other side of the barbed wire obstacle time to fire at the would-be attackers.

It was used as an effective tool to prevent motion with deadly consequences. Barbed wire entanglements were placed in front of trenches to prevent direct charges on men below

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The purpose of the barbed wire in front of the trenches was that it slowed down the enemy and gave the machine gunnars a chance to kill them.

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Q: What was the purpose of barbed wire in a trench in world war 1?
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What is the purpose of the barbed wire?

Barbed wire is strong wire with clusters of sharp spikes at intervals along it to prevent people from getting in or out of private property, such as a jail or a trench (from WW1 and WW2).

What were the disadvantages with barbed wire during World War 1?

Barbed wire was used to keep the trench enemies away from the soldiers in case they come for attack.

Why is there wire between front trench and the machine guns?

As a defensive measure, in case the front trench was overrun.

The destructiveness of World War 1 was due to?

Modern weapons such as trench warfare, machine guns, barbed wire, and poison gas!

What is the purpose for barbed wire?

to discourage trespassing.

What is fighting from ditches protected by mines and barbed wire?

Two words: Trench Warfare.

How was barbed wire used in?

It was strung from metal post to metal post in front of the trench to prevent a surprise attack by the enemy. Prior to attacking the enemy's trench there would be an artillery bombardment which was in part intended to demolish their barbed wire defenses so that one's own soldiers could reach their trench quickly.

How did barbed wire change war?

Barbed wire revolutionized warfare by providing a cheap and effective means of fortification. It obstructed movement, making it difficult for soldiers to advance or retreat and providing cover for defenders. Barbed wire made trench warfare more prevalent and significantly increased the defensive capabilities of armies, making it difficult to breach enemy lines.

How did trench warfare protect soldiers in World War 1?

* Trench fighting did a lot of things. At night the soldiers could cut the opponents barbed wire and plan surprise attacks on those in the trench. * They slept in the trench. ==

What were the top three worst parts of trench warfare?

The diseases, such as gangrene and trench foot, the war itself, and the weather conditions.

What was the purpose of barbed wire?

Barbed wire is a type of steel fencing wire with sharp edges. It was originally invented to restrain cattle. Currently, it is used as a deterrent for trespassing and unwanted intrusion.

Barbed wire was used in the West primarily for which purpose?

To keep catle on the ranch.