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During 1775, colonists were forced to decide if they would support the rebellion or the King. Most Americans believe that if they had lived in that time, they would have supported the rebellion, despite the very real threat of death from Britain for treason.

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Q: What would you do if you were an American living in the 13 colonies in 1775 Would you help the Americans or the british?
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What was paved the way for greater colonial unification?

After years of living outside direct British control, the colonies developed an "American" spirit of independence. As the colonial societies grew and began to overlap it increased unity. Whenever the British started exerting their rule again in the colonies, Americans were united in anger.

Which was the biggest issue for settlers living in the western edge of the colonies in the 1760s?

Native American attacks

Who were the people living in the virginian colonies?

The first people living in the Virginia colonies were Native Americans. They were then joined by settlers from England.

Where did the people living in the British colonies come from?


Which act taxed good shipped to the colonies and was used to pay british living in the colonies?

townshend acts

In the 1760s half of the two million people living in British Colonies lived in?

In the 1760's, half of the two million people living in British Colonies lived on the Atlantic Coast. They lived east of the Appalachians.

What affects did anglicization have on the colonies?

"It made people living in the colonies adapt to British rule, (even fashions)..." -JAAY

Is Juno temple American or British?

British! Her accent is merging into american, due to living out there and role requirements, but she is definitely British :)

What did the new England colonies rely on to make a living?

The New England colonies relied on fishing to make a living. They also relied on the help from the Native Americans in the area.

How did taxation create tensions create tensions between the American colonies and the British government?

Taxation created tension because the Americans thought it was unfair to pay taxes to the parliaments when the Americans had no representation in the parliament.

Why are only citizens of the US called American while Mexico and Canada are also on the North American continent?

The terms "Americans" or "American colonists" were used by the British way back when the USA was only a colony of Britain. After the USA was formed, people living in this new country continued to be referred to as Americans. So American people did not choose to call themselves that. If anyone presumed that people in the territory of what is now the USA were the only "Americans," then it was the British. The term is not exclusively used by US citizens either. Many other countries refer to US Citizens as "Americans" also.

Who were the British in the American revolution?

Among combattants--soldiers who actually took part in the fighting--there were: - British regular army (commonly referred to as "Redcoats"); - Loyalist militias composed of people living in the American colonies but wishing to remain British subjects; - Hessian (German) mercenaries hired to fight on behalf of the British. Among civilians, there were some who supported the King and some who supported the revolution.